During World War II a return to a car park at Fredericksburg on Saturday


The National Transport Safety Board investigates the disaster on a plane plane during World War II that killed two Saturdays in Fredericksburg, according to officers.

The P-51D North America, known as "Mustang", went into the hosting lottery lot about 3:15 p.m., according to the NTSB spokesman.

According to a social media post with the War Pacific Museum, based in Fredericksburg, two soldiers died in the crash.

STORIES: NTSB will report a report on the helicopter crash that killed new cars TX

Federal Airlines Administration Indicates for The Austin American Statesman that the plane was destroyed in the crash and a number of cars were damaged.

The disaster takes place about two weeks after a helicopter enters the hill and his / her; Bring a new couple from Uvalde's wedding to the month of mice, in accordance with the beginner NTSB report. The bride and bride, William Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler, were 24, and killed the pilot, Gerald Lawrence, 76-year-old.

This story will be updated as information becomes available.

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