Dusan people were injured when two teams were broken at Dancing House in Prague – News.cz


The accident fell at about 2 o'clock in an afternoon on a busy place near the banks of the Vltava river. The information on the number of vulnerable people was gradually designed from the first estimate of six people in the last twelve. Everyone is aware, who suffered seriously injured, and the doctors gave them a look at a number of hospitals.

Firefighters did not have to abolish anyone and were largely dependent on the technical impact of the accident.

Physicians called the traumatological plan called the highest number of wounds. "We are notified to health care providers about after-patient care," said after an accident on Twitter. Later on, however, the plan could be withdrawn.

Police will investigate the situation of the disaster, according to its spokesman Jan Daňka, it seems that one of the trams did not take up and from behind the seat came to the front. "It's off the junction, so it did not hit the junction. Tram and car transport is limited, because the components of the Integrated Rescue System have an impact," said Daněk.

Road crash at Jirásek Square

Firemen did not have to release any of the tram


Thread lines run around an accident. According to the information on the Prague transport company's website, Tram Àir. 17 from the Palackého náměstí stop and 5 and 9 lines from Zborovská stop are carried out throughout Karlovo na Něstí, Novoměstská radnice and beyond their routes.

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