DVTK Miškovec – MsHK Žilina


With the statement that DVTK Miškovec won over MsHK Zilina 4: 2, I thank you for your attention, and I'm sorry. pray every side of the day. Friends are counted.


Leisure times for home.


Jiří Kucič started to disable & push to complete the protection line over the Vay gate.


Delovka Kucny did not find his way into the home team team, and Žilinčania lost the attack division.


The last minute of the third third began.


The first page of Žilina has been closed, but whales are going to crash; stay in the attack zone.


Tomas Fucik is already on the Zilina, and MsHK plays power of power!


Time to welcome guests.


Closure in the DVTK Miškovec team (Göz – 2 min., Property). Closure in MsHK Žilina team (Balej – 2 min., Roughness).


Closure in the DVTK Miškovec team (Göz – 2 min., Property). Closure in MsHK Žilina team (Balej – 2 min., Roughness).


Zilina, Captain Vlk, had a great chance, however, that Joseph Balej did not advance Vay in time.


Ručkay Richard Jenčík left the left, who returned, but the homekeeper was successful.


The Žilinians are again wrong in the middle of the field, all inconsistencies like that are just water on their home board.


So far, however, they are not successful, as they are in the middle zone, even though they are closer to Ádám Vaya's goal.


A third of us in the last 5 minutes, the Žilinians need to put everything out of the attack, at least agreeing that they want one point at the moment; least at Miškov.


But Žilina's rapid operation, but Vay is successful after the Vlkov's next scene from the crossing.


The hockey players came home to the crowd but Fučík did not put them in danger. In any case, they get a valuable seconds and just keep the product.


Álám Vája's goal is the next view of Vlkov, Rudolf Huna from the upper circles.


The Zilinians are all trying to, but Balejovi does not do it today and they do not. fall.


Guests are completely.


Tomáš Fučík comes from the right, Despite his hard work, everything goes hard.


Half a third of us, DVTK Miškovec is overseas over Žilina already 4: 2.


Ziga Pance was in a good position, but Tomáš Fucik moved to the last minute and stopped the opponent. fight for the Slovenian family team.


There are 890 spectators present at this meeting today.


Closure in MsHK Žilina team (Podešva – 2 min., Property).


Galanisz is active in the attack area and has found a game.


However, Žilina does not comply with an unhealthy situation, but Filip Surovka, however, lost a home visit to Vaya.


Szirányi threw the pitch on Zilin's gate, Fucik's bag, instead of the active Zigo Pancem to hide the capture.


There is an advertising break here, Pavel Paukovcek's coach in Žilina is very wild at her athletes.


Miškovec celebrated visiting!
Alexis Loiseau refused from the blue line, BALINT MAGOSI's home captain the fool before Fucikom put in and put his third hits in today's competition! Help: Alexis Loiseau.


Magosi had left Lousieau's phuck beautifully, Fucik had to translate it again.


Lukáš Matejka struggled to make a dance with her; his normal activity and the players who did not face his / her disabilities had many problems; dig in these muddy places.


Miškovec celebrated visiting!
But it's not really true, as BALINT MAGOSI has played with Zilina's defense as a mouse mouse, he dropped Rudolf Huna from his hand and put the name Tomáš Fučík unfortunately. No support.


We have the first 5 minutes of the third third, with Miškovci 2: 2.


There is still a shortage of Zilina protection protection, DVTK hockey players did not use this time.


On the right, Pance tried to find a teammate before Tomáš Fučík, but Kucí made a huge defense.


After the bull, Zilina Jiri Kucny's defender stood to kill him, but Vay was once again.


Vadja will be right at Ádám Vaya.


Žilina visited!
The last whales are used to & # 39; power, as Rudolf Huna was the hugely valued actor by MAREK HUDEC, who opened a hunting game in Zilina after he came from Trenčín. Help: Rudolf Huna.


Miškovec with four players.


A friend, Balaam's love, but he did not correct the rings.


Exclusion in the DVTK Miškovec team (Magosi – 2 mins., Kissag).


Domáci oslobodzují, Kucík has been behind his own prize and the two teams play through the game.


Strelka Kucen lost from the blue hits of the home team.


The bull opening of a third of the leaves leaves Žilina, who is play a power game.


The third began.

After the second third we have 2: 1 in Miškov. The third part of the game starts at about 20:20.


The second is over.


Closure in DVTK Miškovec (Slovák – 2 min., Property) team.


David Hrazdíra gave a seal from the right to his / her page, but the ball went over.


Guests are completely.


The last minute of the third third began.


The hockey players again home in the attack zone by Tomáš Fučík.


Visit the website, Tomáš Fučík, v tomto okamžiku odolává a drží Žilinu nad vodou.


Exclusion in MsHK Žilina (Piegl – 2 min., Property).


János Vas arrived over to Tomáš Fučík, René Piegl had to pull the handbag and turn to her; of pain.


Guests from Žilina also do not store their weapons, but Vay has killed Zilina's cover from the blue line.


The second-third decision is made in a rapid pace, the home team is trying to increase their leadership.


At the end of the second third is less than 5 minutes, Miškovec runs over Žilina 2: 1.


Seumason Milam stood over a puc, but this time it was not right.


Two large amounts of Miškovec in a short time behind, Hajos did not lose the tour of Rome, even when he got Žilina. Then Ritos himself sent his case to her; banned, but Tomas Fucik's attempt was influenced.


The Žilinians are very spectacular, and they come home again.


Miškovec celebrated visiting!
Jiří Kuční was frightened past, but the home team played and played, Kulmala served the back behind the goal of JÁNOS VASOVI, who was completely defended by Fucik and, having difficulty, got Miškovec on back into the leadership! Help: Rasmus Kulmala.


The home team has drawn the goal, the two teams are using and running; play through the game.


After strong defense in the field of punishment, Rudolf Huna was able to prevent, but he did not. The defense of the house side causes it difficult to start.


Žilina was given the opportunity to score, but Joseph Balej did not get into the attack area and the Wolves did not. go through the game.


Home as a whole.


Zilina again with the pressure of Adam Vay.


See Lukas Matejka again from the blue line, Vay was again successful.


Žilina continues with its & # 39; a game of play but the imitation of the jigsaw mousepads is on the blue invasion line.


Half of our game, the situation is in Miškovec 1: 1.


Watching Luke Matejk from the blue line, but Ádám Vay is the place and hit his pocket to literally; wall.


Closure in the DVTK Miškovec team (Vas – 2 min., Wrong).


They play again at a very good pace, but both teams have a good time. paying good attention to bad protection.


Joseph Balej tried to surprise the keeper of the home, but he was careful with Vlkov's familiar warden.


Matej Síkela made a great effort to break the right, but the defending guard left the ball left to the corner. However, Ádám Vaya was disappointing.


He is again playing in Zilina's Zona zone, but Fucik does not have to translate it.


Visit this item, a & # 39; make sure that this name comes, Fu Fuíík zatím nemá zásah.


Rudolf Huna did not just put a finger on the right, but the protection of the home crew took the ball to the corner.


It will be on the right of the home visit.


The first one is 5 minutes, and the game is 1: 1.


In addition, the Žilinians are continuing to & # 39; fight, but not found René Piegla was hiding the way to your Vay network.


Žilina visited!
The score was 3 – 2 when Jakub Ručkay was able to pull his member in the middle of his / her; penalty, but visitors' protection was almost unhappy with their work. RUDOLF HUNU players made calm and put more pressure on driving the lead than increasing it. Help: Jakub Ručkay.


Having a great opportunity for the home team, after a beautiful pass, Milam has been able to do it. Enter the first direct guide only to Fučík!


Guests are completely.


There was no other man Rasmus Kulmala next to Zilina's visit.


Luciano was delighted to try to protect DVTK James Milo, but he did not lose the goal at the Fučík goal!


However, Kapitán Žiliny Jozef Balej made a big block and looked at her. defensive gorge of Ádáma Vaya.


Pance was pushed in the midfielder and the home team moved to an attack zone.


Closure in MsHK Žilina team (Ručkay Jakub – 2 min., Hooking).


The second third came to a higher degree, but Zilina again played a weakness, because Jakub Ruckay is a conduct criminal conviction.


The great opportunity of Žilina, Lukáš Hvíla got into a good hunting situation, but he was only aiming at the host at Àdám Vaya!


Introductory bulls either after home.


The second began.

The two teams are on the ice, the second third of the game will begin today.

After its first third there are 1: 0 in Miškov. The home team took the first 12th minute thanks to Captain Balint Magosi. The second starts at 19:26.


The first third is over.


Great access to the home team, Magos had a great deal. live alone on the way to Zilina, but Tomáš Fucik attacked her captain! Finally, the puck also removes the Zilina gate throat!


The last minute of the first third began.


Guests are completely.


Milam's raffle was running several times, and the home is still in a position; climbing Žilina in great pressure.


Seumason Milan set a left-hand side, but Tomáš Fučík was there.


Bence Szirányi broke his hockey watt on the blue line that was on his way. attacking him, and Wolf over protection could have been a bit short.


Galanisz was hugely focused on the left corner of the Fučíková gate, but a Japanese guardian showed a traffic light and put the puck into his chap!


Home hockey players will immediately get an immediate attack.


Exclusion in MsHK Žilina team (Dear – 2 min., Occupancy).


Sealg good of Miskolczi, Tomas Fucik, to go behind her & # 39; cover.


The home team brought the boy for their own goal and the situation in ice was so friendly.


Lukáš Matejka had a hard time with Balint Magosim's home captain and it was very difficult to collect from ice.


Skipper Žilina Jozef Balej got into a very promising place of possession, but Adam Vay took him back.


At the end of the first third is less than 5 minutes to & # 39; Living, Miškovec will guide Žilina 1: 0.


The Žilinčan is not at all, the guests have the opportunity to see a big psychic view. The effort is not needed, but the game is not at all good.


The home team tried to do each other, but they did not lose the thing in the invasion. At the end, the Žilinčani came out, but Miškovce's defense was a blocking the attack at Emil Bagin.


Submitting Tomas Fucik, there is still a puck in the power of domestic hockey players who have been in & # 39; breathe into great pressure.


We have an advertising break, for both coaches, it is a great opportunity to give an innovative guide to the rest of the first third.


The Žilinčani went into the attack, the troops of Captain Vlk, Joseph Baleja Ádám Vay, did not only face him, but the hospitals did not; Visit the place before DVTK stated.


In the middle of the field, hard fighting is made at blankets, after all, they are built by their home hockey players.


Miškovec celebrated visiting!
The Zilina's defense was adversely affected, with his case lost by Louiseau, who was the captain of the BALINTA MAGOSI town team, who always enjoyed Fucik and opened the score -diugh. Help: Alexis Louiseu.


Martin Podešva won the boys before Vayom, Huna made her first hunt in her & her; killed, but the Hungarian team gamekeeper succeeded and kept his gauger.


The puck left to Juraj Milý, and Rudolf Hunu was killed by the net guarding behind him.


Half of our first quarter, in Miškovec, have not yet been targeted.


Playing in a fast, DVTK Miškovec hockey players still have more of the game. However, you must say they had two games in both ends at the beginning of the third part.


Žilina was for the first time in & # 39; zoning zone for the first time, but it did not; Siecel got the scene before Vay.


Žilina quickly took David Hrazdíra after an attack from the left he put up to mark the front of the keeper.


Emil Bagin chose for an attack trip, but he did not long, because Crawford was scrapped out of his blue line.


Galanisz had a fantastic pass between the Pance circles, which allowed Tomáš Fučík out at Žilina's goal!


Guests are completely.


The home is already in attack zone, Fučík needs to be very careful.


We have the first 5 minutes of the first third, the game is still 0: 0.


The good work of the home team in the attack zone, Jankovič was removed from & # 39; phuff Magosi at the last minute.


Exclusion in MsHK Žilina (Hvíla – 2 min., Occupancy).


Guests are completely.


After Zilina's conviction was defeated, Masters were free to shoot, but Zilina Tomas Fucik made the successful intervention.


The home side attacks the Long Shots and the ball is offset; finishing in the area.


In front of the active Hunom Vay, the puck is more likely to be hidden in the catcher, so the guests return again to a valuable volume.


Jozef Balej is a good attack on DVTK in the & # 39; Zilina, Zilina's collection is valuable throughout the game in weakness.


Exclusion in MsHK Žilina (Húževka – 2 min., Splitting).


On the other hand, however, Rites have entered into opportunities and were blocked, so the DVTK game is the first game.


Finally, it is not possible to shut down and it's just a & # 39; throwing on the right hand of the home guardian of Vaya.


Because the premium is a great distance gaming, Zilina will have a " Play a first game at the beginning of its & # 39; first third.


Tomas Fucik's first successful remedy in Žilina in today's game.


A meeting just started.

The two teams are already on ice, the game starts.

Beginning assemblies:

DVTK Miškovec: Vay – Crawford, Kiss, Szirányi. Slovakia, Göz, Milam, Lada, Rito – Pance, Vas, Kulmala – Harrison, Loiseau, Magosi – Miskolczi, Galanisz, Somogyi – Hajos. Vojtek

MsHK Zilina: Mikoláš – Kučný, Piegl, Jankovič, Hudec, Bagin, Matejka, Dubeň – Hvíla, Surovka, Balej – Milý, Podešva, Huna Ru. – Jenčík, Ručkay J., Hrazdíra – Rehák, Húževka, Síkela

Judge: Korba, Kalina – Jobbágy, Bogdan.

Try a good day, welcome to watch the internet from the 24th round of Tipsport League hockey, where DVTK Miškovec hockey players will welcome MsHK Žilina on the ice. The game starts at 18:30, we will bring both teams into the two teams.

Miškovcu is the 11th class in the Hockey League League with 28 points. In the last game, the Hungarian teammakers played under Nitra by Nitra 3: 0. János Vas is the most prominent player of Miškovec, who won 26 Canadian points (7 + 19). The former coach team is a coach of the Hanlon Valley.

Žilina does not go well now and the Wolves are down to the last 12th place with 23 points (if not HK Orange 20). In the last game, the Žilinci lost their home game with Detva after her & # 39; bones 3: 4 (goals MsHK Húževka, Jenčík, Podešva). The Pavel Paukovcek team is a patch, Lukáš Hvíla is the most striking Wolf, who won 17 points (8 + 9).

The game in Miškovec starts at 18:30, Dávid Švec is a " look forward to your ideas.

Welcome to online transfer. A meeting will start at 18:30.

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