Dwarf dialysis was killed 8 people: Director of the Thien Son News Company


On the same day, the People's Quest in the Hoa Binh Department of Aim Decision. 131 / QD-VKS-P 2 on request from CS.

Nguyen Tuan Anh was prosecuted in a dialysis case that killed 8 people at the Hoa Binh General Hospital at the end of May 2017. Tuan was suspended from leaving his home.

According to the case file, on 25.5.2017, Truong Quy Duong, general director of the general hospital Hoa Binh, contracted with the Thien Son company to repair and maintain a number RO filter system 2 (reward dialysis device) under Hoa Binh Hospital Revival Department.

On the same day, Mr Do Anh Tuan signed a contract with Tram Anh Company to repair the RO water waste system under the Thien Son Company contract signed by the Hoa Binh General Hospital.

On May 28, 2017, Bui Manh Quoc, director of the Tram Anh Company, went to Hoa Binh Hospital to repair the RO water waste system for dragon dialysis but to produce acidic residues in the system .

Tran Van Mac, a staff member of the hospital Hoa Binh, does not confirm that Mr Quoc is a repairs or samples of water, but still tells the nurse that the system is usually used.

The next day (29.5.2017), Hoang Cong Luong's doctor, assigned to care for single blackbred, nurse nurse, is advised to repair the DE system of water remedies. Dr. did not prove Liang, did not tell the correction results for his famous people, and also provided dialysis for 18 patients. As a result, 8 cases of kidney dialysis died.

After the incident, Hoa Binh's police force provoked the procurator Hoang Cong Luong, Tran Van Son, Bui Manh Quoc and a test test at the end of May, early June. However, the jury decided to return his agreement to the Population Program in the Hoa Binh division for additional research.

On 2 April, Hoa Binh's Police CSD decided against the accused and the ban from their residence for Hoang Dinh Khieu, former assistant director of Hoa Binh's hospital and Tran Van Thang, a Faculty chemist. Hoa Binh Hospital (former medicine head and medical equipment and hospital in Hoa Binh), to investigate irrelevant behavior causing adverse effects.

Then, on 23 August, CSIP Hoa Binh sent his decision against the accused of Truai Quy Duong, who was a director of Hoa Binh's hospital, inconsistency causing adverse effects, to clarify. His duty in the dialysis case caused eight deaths in the hospital in May 2017.

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