Dying because of your "home" stamp … woman


Tuesday, November 27, 1818 15:52 PM (GMT + 7)

On November 27, the Dai Nang Sheriff Court appealed the appeal, reduced to Le Ngoc Son (SN 1969) from 18 years imprisonment to 9 years imprisonment for murder.

According to recordings, Mac and Ngo Thanh Tu (SN 1973) will be able to capitalize into fishing in the town of Ninh Tinh, Ninh Phuoc's town, Ninh Hoa town. By the end of 2015 due to the loss of business, Mac and You do not cooperate longer.

About 23h on 28-9-2017, on the Road to the House from home to fish farming, you saw a motorcycle bike near your house.

Destruction due to your home & # 34; stamp your wife - 1

Le Ngach Le Ngoc Son in court

It is expected that sex will be with TTP's wife (SN 1975), Mac returned home.

When he arrived home, Mac went to the back door to hear the voice of his wife and his speech after the Household shelves belonging to the family of the bedroom.

At this time, Mac got out of the kitchen to get two knives and stood there. stopping the back door and shouting: "You're standing, let me tell your brother."

At the sound of chimes, run from inside the house to the back door and it was slammed into the head. Follow her son a & # 39; used a knife that entered the coffin that caused death in the place … Then escaped a climbing son.

At 2.30am on September 29, 2017 a son came to the end of his police and named his behavior.

Lost your life because you are willing to keep your wife in bed and the accident behind the crime

The eyes of a friend and a woman "shake" are their own home, and the person who is "bloody bloody" fight.

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