Dynamo went to the Europa League game against Astana – 4 players out of the list


Dinamo's supporter, Alexander Khatskevich, gave 21 players to duel in the 5th round of the Europa League against Astana.

The Dinamo group to Kazakhstan for a fifth game of the European League against Astana. Among the list was Nikita Burda, who was recently injured. But Artem Besedin, Josip Pivarich, Vladislav Supryaga and Vitaly Buyalsky did not fly with the team, Dynamo.kiev.ua reports.

Shevchenko: Dynamo is not easy by Astana, this game can prove the winner of the body

This is the complete list of players:

Keepers: George Buschan, Denis Boyko, Artair Rudko.

Defendants: Nikolay Morozyuk, Nikita Burda, Tamas Kadar, Tomash Kendziora, Vitaly Mikolenko, Artem Shabanov.

Media: Sergey Sidorchuk, Che Che, Benyamin Verbich, Vladimir Shepelev, Victor Tsygankov, Sidkley, Alexander Andrievsky, Denis Garmash, Nikolai Shaparenko, Mikkel Duelund, Evgeny Smirny

Onwards: Nazariy Rusin.

The time to come to Astana – 1:30 local time (21:30 a trip in Kiev). Tomorrow Alasdair Khatskevich will keep a news conference, followed by an open training session.

The Astana struggle – Dynamo will be held on Thursday, November 29. After 4 trips, the two 8 pound teams made each man and led the group K.

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