Dyson launches smart management light on its & # 39; market


The fact is that the cleaner and cleaners even carry out the development of light goods; going up Jake Dyson, the founding son of the company James Dysonback. It started on its own business with its own light company, but it was returned to the ground floor with the # 39; company in 2015. Having been silent for a long time around the Dyson light department, the new lights show that there is a Group for light tracking. With its electric appliance designed by Dyson, it is a & # 39; expects the expected effects of collaboration.

There is nothing for bargain hunters

When you have a premium light position, the 499 eus (desktop version) or 749 euros (floor lamp), Dyson focuses on a business market. The various actions that include sleep and reading methods are & # 39; However, however, the revised version should appeal to wider audiences, for example, the produce images suggest a use from the desktop – for example for the bedroom and the living room.

Absolute: Participation in the production of the product Paris including travel expenses by Dyson.

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