E-BCs also works online for MacOS and Linux


The ratio between the "sitting-room" and the internet is balanced.

The state today states that the 3.0 version of eID clients is available as well as MacOS and Linux operating systems. Providing an internet service for completing certificates for the citizen's soccer cards; need to be made to create electronic signatures. So far, people have to go to writing separation only.

Having a remote choice

After more than one year of promise that the feature is, each patient can be used. For Windows, the program – eID user – available from October. The software also has an impact on the work with an electronic document in general.

So far, the state has uploaded over 10,000 credentials on the site. The relationship between the "sitting-room" and the internet was almost equal in October. This may be due to the fact that new applicants have a & # 39; Apply the qualifications equally with their new cart.

Look at the menu, how best do people in October:

Remember that the eID user is diagnosed with the status of the certificate on its & # 39; ID card when run – unless the user is invalid, will give up their case. However, the user must have a security code (BOK) based on six numbers. Citizens who elect themselves automatically to law to create a new identity document.

To use the certificates, it will create two other security codes – ZEP PIN (6 digits) and ZEP PUK (8 digits); despite the PIN ZEP to forget.

Previously there was a problem with libraries

When we interviewed the Interior Ministry about mid-October about why the eID client for MacOS and Linux was released, he did not answer. Living.com Sources have previously stated that the Linux version had already been completed and the solution for Apple's operating system would be finalized in the coming days. The public should wait for one to a few weeks. What is the reason for delay?

A week ago, Živé.sk made public warnings during the ITAPA debate, where representatives from IT companies also attended.

Similar situations occurred during the holidays, when the technical method of recording the qualifications changed. One day the eID user for Windows was unaware, so people with a certified certificate from July can not use a computer identity card.

editing for sending a macOS about a month later and for Linux over a month and a half later. The State explained that some of the new components showed a higher inconsistency in those platforms, more requests for re-instilling and needing to be examined and displayed; using other library versions.

Remember that due to security error last October last year up to 300 miles of certification. By the end of October 2018, they would have to register 158,274 people again. Next year they must, for example, be employed for everyone, as it will now be paid to them demand among them is a tax contribution.

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