The FDA, head of Scott Gottlieb, is in an interview with Jayne O, Donnell, USA, announcing new rules on how and where zoo can sell flavors.

Problems filled with empty nicotine cartridges, sale of e-maids and scattered bathrooms – this is a normal day at Bearden High School in Knoxville, two students say.

"Juul (e-guitar) is almost everyone in the school," said John, young people who were 16 years old at Bearden, who were not only agreed to be marked by his first name. "They do it every day, every minute, every opportunity they get."

To break into the use of nicotine among young people, the FDA prevents the sale of flavors for flavors, which Knoxville students often say are often used in the & # 39; college and secondary school.

The ban will ban most of the retail venues from a & # 39; Sale e-mails in all flavors plus tobacco, menthol and mint. Other flavors are available online and in limited age areas, such as tobacco stores and vape shops.

Juul, the most popular emitting logo, sells machines; Transfer with pods "," full-volume ", which includes a large collection of nicotine and different flavors. Its company voluntarily sat by taking Orders of mango pods, fruit, fragments and crops from over 90,000 retail centers, including tobacco stores, this week ahead of the FDA Thursday.

"JUUL Labs is committed to improving the life of one billion adult smokers in the world, with the ultimate goal of destroying cigarettes," said his company as announced. "Although we have been working to solve that problem, there is another unexpected and bigger problem that has been developed – using sub-age of e-cigarettes, including JUUL."

There are so many things & # 39; like Juul

The FDA believes that special flavors have been in place; guide children to use e-mails. John, a student of Bearden High, believes that online movements have also taken part.

At present, in Tennessee, only 18 and over people can buy tools such as Juul. The problem, John said, older senior people are often 18 and are sold to their underage friends at a higher price.

"It's very easy to find it anywhere – maidens and even your bags," he said. "You can get away by doing it in the classroom and it is covered under the shirt or on your back."

Juuls looks very similar to drivers and can even even get it, s adding to your computer to express it, he said. He does not use e-mails, but his friend Capen thinks that his & her; Most of Bearden's students do.

According to the Knox County 2017 Youth Risk Hazard Survey, nearly 15 per cent of Knox County High School students use e-mails, which are higher than the traditional tobacco use.

From 2017 to 2018, the use of a tobacco in the United States increased by 78 per cent among secondary students – from 11.7 per cent of students being used in 2017 to 20.8 per cent in 2018 – according to data published by the FDA.

The Juul machine used for nicotine-moving devices, on the right, is shown next to normal USB beam or left stick. Schools and law enforcement officers say that the recently-launched Juul tools have been easy for small-scale students. They are small and similar to the stick movements used to store computer information. (Picture: Bart Pfankuch / South Watch News Watch)

Daniel Mayer, a new 18-year-old man at the University of Tennessee, suggests that there is a greater degree of student students; using these tools in the college.

"One of them is expected to be out of two (on the campus) – and perhaps one in three," he said. "That is what I kept the nicotine spirit but, indeed, many people do it just to watch smoke out of their mouth."

5th year Barstool, Instagram account of life recordings and Greek party culture, saying that Juul's recent report was "urgent". He has also organized pictures of students such as Juul for Halloween, with Juul's birthday cakes and sending Juuls them with earrings.

Students who use Juuls in the class, Mayer said, and some of the professors know it. The friend recently told him a story about a professor who marked one corner of the class as a "Juul corner" due to the number of student students. use the tools there.

Dimitris Agrafiotis is the executive director of TN Smoke Free Association, an advocacy group for independent Vape shops. He believes that there are many reasons that Juuls has been; The students enjoy it bigger than a bigger ghost.

He agrees with Iain when he comes to the online motions and his ability to hide. But the tools are much more accessible to the more common systems that use more common adults, which cost around $ 70 for a startup device and $ 25 for dry.

Adults who use these tools usually use content lens with a 0.6 percent average nicotine, saying Agrafiotis. But for around $ 15, a person can buy four packs of Juul pods, with 5 percent nicotine and which correspond to 20 ticks.

"I think the drag that is here is that they are getting small (nicotine) that they are getting," said Agrafiotis. "It's easy, fast, visible, it gives you that. There are so many things that would make this useful for the young generation."

However, despite the FDA product, Agrafiotis does not have a & # 39; Believing that young people have a good taste.


A new shift to smoking triggers an e-meat business, but it's a fight into local secondary schools. Video by Jessica Saggio, FLORIDA AN-DIUGH

& # 39; They need to produce that product & # 39;

FDA chief executive Scott Gottlieb said he sees the benefits of tools such as e-mails. keeping people from using vulnerable materials.

However, the use among teenagers has been "a bit short of disease," he said in a conference call.

"Any policy accommodation can take forward the mechanisms that may offer other smoking options – in particular as it is & # 39 ; related to e-mails – can not, and can not, come to the cost of generating a generation of children to nicotine through the same delivery vehicles "he said. "This just does not happen. I can take the steps I need to stop this."

The flavors are one of the reasons why children believe that the children are drawn to the tools. But it's also the reason why people decide to & # 39; Holding a place instead of smoking, Agrafiotis said.

"People (Adults) need this tasty product to stop cigarettes," said Agrafiotis. "The flavors are not attracted to the flavors. You can not tell me that the cucumber or mango is the appeal for children."

All secondary students, college students and a classification agent agree with Knox News that most people are the best and most popular sellers. sells a cold and mango Juul.

Mark Orr, manager of the Rocky Top Markets on Cumberland Street, said that he was a college student who usually bought Juul's results from his shop.

"They've been big, and it's a huge number of sales," he said. "Computers are trying to get a taste (antibiotics) from couples but it's hard because all the stores are ordered because of their" "disruption."

Cool mint, still available in behavioral sources and gas stations. The FDA chief executive said that the taste, combined with tobacco and menthol, is better for adults.

The FDA did not want to dispose of flavors offered in traditional cigarettes, Gottlieb said, as this would have been done. prevent smokers from getting a healthier choice of what they are doing; already used.

However, Agrafiotis believes that the FDA movement is causing more public harm than good.

Businesses and smokers will & # 39;

"The truth is that children start to smoke," said Agrafiotis. "They did not think that children would not have to be disciplined. I do not believe that children are more acute than adults doing many of these laws – a & # 39; choose the result of a boom rather than giving output. "

But with fewer options available in gas stations, he said, and the option may not be so easy. Most smokers have a & # 39; Buy cigarettes from gas stations but they will be limited in the number of other items that can be purchased from sources once and the ban is spread over the next few months.

"It's good that these materials are available because they probably go on or because they've heard about it they're getting it up and it's try and stop smoking, "he said.

The FDA argues that its children start with a # 39; hitting more likely to turn to turbulent cigarettes.

"Who wants to go from Juul to shoot a lifeboat, rescue dishes?" Agrafiotis asked. "No one wants to do that. … And it's the same data to return it if you limit the accessibility of these results, you must nicotine in any way. So, the delivery mechanism that is left as a delivery method will kill 440,000 Americans annually, unfortunately. "

The motions made by Juul and the FDA could affect the businesses of Tennessee.


The JUUL vaporizer has been very fond of children. Juul is currently planning to & # 39; Relaxing the taste and advertising ahead of FDA rules that are possible.

Sam Salloukh believes that a taste flavor sells a "one-to-one" regular "tobacco" flavor at tobacco smoking shop in Arlington, Tennessee, but soon to order them.

"Those who are receiving Juul's benefits are because they can continue to sell those products on their website," said Agrafiotis

Full control of Juul and FDA

As well as sales orders from all sources, Juul has implemented a tertiary recognition system on her website.

The system will only get 21 and over people to purchase Juul devices with many means of provenance and product restriction. Only two devices and 15 pod packages are purchased every month, and no more than 10 devices can be purchased annually.

Juul will also increase the secret program program, and # 39; Reducing social media sites and breaking down on people who have a " Juul's terms break when they sell goods.

Although Juul made these calls voluntarily, the FDA has indicated that some of these practices will be essential.

Tissue e-commodities, but tobacco, menthol and mint, are only available in stocks with age restrictions. Online sales must have more rigorous policies for authenticity.

Gottlieb said he is also trying to take away vaccination in tobacco products and flavors in materials such as fertilizers and meatres.

Official policy, updating e-mails has been implemented, Gottlieb said. The FDA expects to give two months before the public is notified, its market interventions and its policy are in place; take full effect.

REVIEW OF LIFE – Reporter Tennessee, Max Garland, told this story.

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