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New Head Shell Sport-E / NOWnews

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At the end of the "League of Storytelling" competition, the range of world championships has taken a long time to move. Among them, the LCK Department of South Korea has made a big move. SKT is not only updated to & # 39; contract with three. The celebrity players move to anywhere where they focus on global players. The most interesting thing is that the TSM Bjergsen midfielder has said he hopes he can come to TSM when Faker's contract has not been determined. Many users said Bjergsen wants to work?

Regardless of the fact that the lightning is affected by Maple and SwordArT in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, they also received great attention. They also said today's hope, no matter where they are in the future, fans can continue to; support them and continue to & # 39; Enjoy the lightning wolf. However, another game of wolf has already got a new home! The Storytellers team, HLE, who has been supporting three major insurance companies, Hanwha Life Insurance, has introduced Moojin, the old fan of Lightning Wolf. He has won the best and most desperate new people in the spring of LMS, and now they return home. Worse people look forward to achieving them.

After winning the "Fighting Attack" professional competition awards, the team will be distributed and add another team! In the second quarter of the Welsh Department (OWCP), the Japanese team's CYCLOPS (CAG) Japanese football team published the "Breakout" section to delete and does not work now. The reason is just something bigger than "in response to market environment." The reason for spreading is & # 39; first one. The seasonal competition is just the same. According to the official statement, CAG has been investigating how to live in the & # 39; this market. It is difficult to continue working as a professional team in the market environment and current team situation, but the officer has not said something to die, if the future market environment . Changing, seeing the day again, they still have their will to rebuild the professional team.

The "H1Z1" rescue game started again on the "H1Z1 Pro League" professional e-sport competition in the & # 39; April, but Jace Hall, chair of the Galaxies Relations organizer, told the team and the players in the league. It shows that half of the league is suspended on the # 39; hang without being going, and the second season will not be held. The important reason for hindering H1Z1 professional league is because the union has given the team too long subsidy. These allowances are including the salary paid to the players and the propaganda and other mixed costs. The total amount is as high as 6 million US dollars, equivalent to around $ 180. 4 million yuan. To attract a lullaby, the H1Z1 professional league has been inviting the star "Fighting Express", the famous hunting game and other people's platforms, but is still not good, and has set out the situation financial and consolidation.

Although "H1Z1" is one of the earliest games that have been released in the dead red game; At present, he has attracted a lot of inconsistencies. However, in recent years, the number of players has been divided significantly, and the event is not as big as before.

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