EA Japan closes its doors, Actu video games


Following notification of approximately 350 layoffs in his company yesterday, we thought why this branch of the glove Electronic Arts was paying for this information. We know now that their first one was EA Japan.

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It is indeed the entire Japanese branch of EA that has just closed its doors, such as the Famitsu news on their website.

The EA Japan RP service subsequently commented on: t

March 26 […] As part of the decision to reorganize our region, we identified the closure of the Japanese office. But Japan is an important market for us and we will continue to support EA games as well as the Japanese market. Over and above this, our thanks go to our staff for all their efforts so far, and we wholeheartedly recommend other posts in our company or ensure they work with us. again in the game industry. interesting games in the future. Thank you for your continued support

However, in a case of discretion in accordance with the legal meaning of the term, EA will endeavor to reappoint the number of persons inside its company, and even with other branches connected with the company.

Clearly, it is not known what the terms are, or whether Japanese staff have left their homes to keep their work … t

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