Earlier, Ashwin did so well


ICC World Cup 2015 ODI ahead As a result, the Indian Premier League (IPL) had little interest in cricket fans. But in one event, Ravichandran Ashwin has surrendered in IPL.

Rajsehan Royals' Jesse Butler has started a new confrontation by visiting Mancad's run. Social media discusses poor beliefs and criticism that the crickets of the Rathi-Maharatris cricket are coming in. A number of organizations associated with cricket are also talking about this.

But this time this is not the first time that Ashwin has made such a promise earlier. That's nearly seven years ago today. In a one-day game against Sri Lanka in 2012, Lahiru Thirimanno tried with Mancad & 3939; find out.

But Ashwin's attempt was not successful. The Indian captain, Virender Sehwag, was withdrawn from the service. Watch video-

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