Early birth interview: an opportunity for parents to have a chance in the future


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The themes of parenting and parenting are among the priorities of the Regional Health Project. The ARS Bourgogne-Franche-Comté play the obstruction card early intervention care (EPP). Almost 30% of women report using early pre-care care (EPP). "We can do better“Recent appointments of Pierre Pribile, Director General of ARS Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, during a fact-finding meeting with around fifty representatives from local professionals engaged in ill-health. The opportunity to deliver the results of work delivered for a number of months in consultation to create tools for this dedicated period to be given to parents in the future.

Early pre-birth interview, what is it?

The ARS has been working previously to establish a joint and shared definition of early birth care. This active hearing time was introduced by the Protection of Children Act 2007. It must be recommended regularly to the pregnant woman and can be produced from the declaration of pregnancy, to classical in the fourth month. T . Their spouse or other family members are encouraged to participate. The interview can be held at the maternity ward, in private work, in consultation with PMI (maternity and child protection), at home or at a health center. It is led by a midwife, a geologist, a specialist geologist. Understanding global health, identifying vulnerable situations, identifying needs and information difficulties: the EPP involves around 45 minutes for the questions around care, but also questions about the social area; or mental. The interview, which is not a medical examination, is 100% covered by Health Insurance. To make this fundamental meeting to the parents of the future and the professionals involved, the ARS have also developed fact sheets in a graphical globe, as well as an animated film for waiting rooms in nursing homes. . and other settings. For the first time in France, the Regional Health Group is also providing financial support for training for health professionals in the conduct of EPP and the dissemination of information. Ultimately, a plan that runs for two years, takes responsibility for all stakeholders in Migration in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

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