Early morning, during the sunny day, and here we expect a nice time!



03/13/2019. 00:55

In Serbia, this morning will be a cold morning with a poor, frosty morning, and quite a bit of weariness. During the day it will be sunny and slightly warmer.

Weather, sunny, Knez Mihailova

Weather, sunny, Knez Mihailova, Photo: Alo! / Masanori Yoshida

The morning temperature will be between 4 to 0, the highest each day from 9 to 13 degrees, giving rise to RHMZ.

Poor and medium eviction, in the south Bank at the end of a few days, a south-east wind.

In Belgrade, the cold morning is low frozen. During the day, the majority are sunny and slightly warmer. The morning temperature is around 0, the highest each day about 12 degrees.

According to the weather forecast for the next seven days, to 20 March, Thursday, the cloudy and colder weather will be in the dry part, on other parts, with water, in the snow-covered mountains. T . Heavy rainfall. On Friday morning, it is still cloudy in water, in the hills, with snow, day and warmer.

From Saturday until the end of the period, the majority of the photograph is sunny and it is now warmer.

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