Early retirement, brought to a series of staff from Hanoi Traffic Police


Police of Hanoi recently identified research, certification and handling of officers and Traffic Division troops (CSGT) after the media to "describe the status of" doing law like magic "on the streets of Hanoi.

Therefore, the CSDT of Hanoi's Public Security has made a decision not to criminalize criminal cases and, transfer documents to the staff of the organization to report on the disciplinary measures proposed as prescribed.

Early retirement, a series of Hanoi CS caterers - Picture 1.

The "CS Law" picture is featured by a newspaper. – The photograph was cut from the clip

Prior to that, based on the original results after the media information, Hanoi police saw signs of bad behavior, the breach of procedures, the Hanoi Police Director appointed the Office of Police Research Police (AC) mechanical office all original verification documents to investigate make the decision and deal closely with the law.

Following a statement to the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Public Security Inspectorate, the Security Secretary of the Public decided to control and output: Working in the Police Department for 4 people. Invite 4 officers and soldiers to commit their commitment to correct correct mistakes and shortcomings. If they persist on crime, they are severely arrested and taken severely by the police force of the population.

Control was warned and sent to work in the police department for 4 people; Discourage it and send it to work in the Police Department to protect one person; Emulation in 2018 (Classification Completed work) and 5 people contributed to work in the Police Department.

For Commanding Teams and Heads of Police Departments, who are responsible for making a ' sleeping guides and soldiers to make mistakes, cut off the verification in 2018 (considered as incomplete) for 3 cadres If they continue to & # 39; leaving units and areas that are dependent on polluting officers or troops, to prevent their & # 39; process, they will consider controlling and / or; discuss the case. Cadres acta.

In addition, Hanoi's Public Security Director agrees to retire before the end of the age of Sgioba Àir Sgioba Àir. 5; Low level of amalgamation for Head of Traffic Division and 3 deputy headteachers.

Previously, on 13 and 14-3-2018, the Human Rights Director of Hanoi decided to set up a 30 day day for 14 staff involved in the workforce involved in the case of a badge and 6 Heads of the appropriate team (Head of Team No. 3, Team 5, Deputy Head of Team No. 6 and 3 Deputy Chiefs of Team No. 3, 5 and 6 of Team No. 3). The actions that are analyzed and & # 39; management of officers and campaigners for inspection and probation purposes.

Huy Thanh

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