Early retirement, depression of many officers


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On 20/11, Hanoi's Public Security (CATP Hanoi) has sent Letter 5268 / CAHN-TCCB's Official Letter Pioneer Inspection results, verification and handling of officers (CBCS) of Traffic Police Division (Traffic Police).

Just after the media Pioneer Following a series, the Director of CATP Hanoi has been working to establish work groups to co-ordinate with the active units to develop plans to determine and validate their case.

On 13 March and 14, 1818, CATP Hanoi set up a 30-day working day for 14 staff working groups involved. Marks of wrong activities and 6 relevant team leaders (Head of Team No. 3 and Team 5, Head of Team No. 6 and 3 Deputy Chiefs of Teammates over the People's Committees No. 3, 5, 6) are responsible for the inspection and management of the CBCS for confirmation and verification.

Based on the original results, CATP Hanoi showed signs of negative behavior, workloads, CATP Director appointed by the Police Research Office (CSDT). CATP received the entire system Initial review to determine and decide on. deal strictly with the law.

March 24, Major General Dinh Van Toan, Deputy Director of CATP, the CSI Director had decided to identify a Deputy Chief Executive of CSD and inspectors to deal with and transfer Tien Phong Post's criminal information source to Procurement of the People of the Town for instructions in accordance with regulations.

Compared to the current Public Security Ministry regulations and the extent of the CBCS breach. Following leaders of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Public Security Inspectorate, Ministry of Public Security, Department of Staff and Organization. On 20/9/2018, the Office of Public Security Ministry sent an Official Letter No. 2512 / V01-P4 to communicate the views of directors' Minister about the 14 CBCS treatment made directly and wrongly. At all stages, the Director of CATP has made a decision on disciplinary action and a move. In particular: Control its description and its & # 39; issued to work at the Police Department for the protection of 4 partners. Invite 4 partners to correct their correction to try to correct mistakes. If they persist on crime, they are severely arrested and taken severely by the police force of the population.

Warning warnings and the move to get work in the Police Department to protect 4 partners; Reducing control and applied to work in the Police Department. protection of one company; Emulation in 2018 (marked as the work was not completed) and put 5 partners to work in the Police Department.

For Commanding Teams and Network Attendance Heads who are responsible for CBCS management for misconduct, the calculation of the statement in 2018 (Level not completing its activity) for 3 participants of Public Police Commune No. 3, 5, 6. If you still disable the unit or area that is under the care of CBCS negative, it will obstructing its operating process; Think about controlling and displaying considering cadres work.

In addition, the CEO of Hanoi CATP agrees to resign his appointment before the end of the age of the CSGT Team Leader. 5; Low level of amalgamation for Head of Traffic Division and 3 deputy headteachers.

CATP Hanoi thanks the Editorial Board Pioneer be actively co-ordinated, giving information and documents for the determination, investigation and decision of the case. At the same time, we are looking forward to having a & # 39; get coordination, help to & # 39; newspaper Pioneer In promoting and fighting anti-crime and social behavior, contributing to ensuring security and maintaining social order and safety in the & # 39; capital city.

The Hanoi Police said the CBCS treatment was wrong in a spirit of inequality, "just raised, and the face", wrong where it was handled, on the forehead, behind in the back; There is no doubt, not to continue to have a & # 39; public, who respond strictly to CBCS, who are not aware of wrong, weaknesses, complex statements; It also helps them to be aware of their mistakes, to overcome their problems, and to do so; strive for progress.

"Based on the results of the research, confirmation of the identification of PTSs in the PFLAP working groups identified on 13 March and its operational operation, some CBCS members negative behavior but there are not enough structures. On May 31, 1818, CSD CATP has made a decision not to prosecute the crime case and its & # 39; make a decision to the organization to set up the cadre to report the disciplinary work that is proposed according to ".

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