Earning the gold horse and his / her; getting a big pass, Xie Yingzhen was fired and only his main actor – Zhongshi News


"This year," Xie Yingxi "won the Golden Horse Shadow with the film" Who Loves Him First ", defeated Zhou Xun and Sun Wei and other figures, just like art art career to a high level, but he only heard When his actress is chosen to go to the # 39; play, when they are interviewing the magazine, there are a number of ideas shaped, and it is expected that there is a big head.

According to the "Mirror Weekly" report, some of the scenes broke on the news. After Xie Yingzhen had been shortlisted for the Gold Horses Award, he became very attractive about his / her. choosing a script. It is reported that many of the TB drama shows have been removed, and they prefer to take the film as a priority. In addition to his friend's contracts, the idol drama "The Old Man Lovers" has been sent to his staff, and trying to take on the role of the hero of the heroic ghost. The reason to refuse is "the character is not a hero and needs to be done further." In addition, when the interview was interviewed by a well-known fashion magazine, the crew made a costly artist, but the cost was also taken by the producer or magazine, which the other party gave clear to clear: "Price is not closed," ".

In the negative facts about the child, the pants did not go wrong; he only got a hero. He said: "The company had not been in contact with the" Family Lovers "crew. There is a campaign to deliver a similar budget, and how Fashionable magazines often want the artist to cost their comber. If budgets are made longer and negotiated, there will be no pleasure. "

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