Earth surface is a major system syndrome, and so far we did not know


An deep and temperature there is an average of all planets of the ocean about 4 kilometers and about 4 degrees Celsius, separately. There stress it is like that increase – Growing one air ten meters deep– very little organisms able to survives in those conditions where, as well, should be added full of darkness, which means that solar radiation can not be used as a source of energy.

Because of that, in this kind of ecosystems we are detected uncommon creatures and indeed weird. However, there are living organisms circumstances even more true, under the surface of the earth, and e biomass it is between 245 and 385 times bigger of all humanity, as is clear from information made by the public now
Deep Carbon Theater
(DCO), an internationally cooperative scientific collaboration that could be important to gain a better understanding of source of the life.

According to the data provided, these animals, in particular bacteria and archaea, which are the most primitive concepts, comprise a biologic that is being carried out; It is estimated to report 70% of the biotic community on Earth. Genetic diversity is similar to or greater than the organisms that remain on the surface and to date it has been hidden despite its increasing size, According to experts, between 2,000 and 2,300 million cubic kilometers.

For the publication of this information, more than a decade of work was needed with hundreds of DCO researchers, which are surrounded by sea bed to 2.5km deep, but also samples of to feed more than 5km deep in large-scale print.

Scientists, researchers from the University of Tennessee and the Woods Hole Massachusetts Institute, among other academic establishments, have also found eukaryotic life forms – more unlikely organisms – in this ecosystem, even though they are & # 39; highlighting its & # 39; Most of the bacteria and archaea. With life trips quite different from the survivors of live organisms. Indeed, in some cases, the scale of millions of years, something that does not happen with the landlord.

"The most difficult thing is that some of these meanings have lived for thousands of years, they work to metabolism and use less energy than we were; think that it can survive, "said microbiologist Karen Lloyd. In addition, the expert adds, in more depth, that these meanings live longer. However, Mitch Sogin, from the Marine Biology Chemistry at the Woods Hole Institute, says "searching the deep subway is like Amazon's jungle research".

Another one of the most relevant facts of this finding is that these creatures live in a very poor habitat in nutrition, which needs to take advantage of energy forms such as metals, hydrogen or uranium natural radiation and other elements to live. In addition, the life strategy is different from those who are living on the surface, because they do Most of their energy is only invested to stay alive and do not worry so much about doing it; grow.

So far, scientific literature has stated that organisms are capable of living in huge environments, although the density of this ecosystem has never been considered. There are still a few months to publish final results for many years ago, but it is the fact that the contributions of these experts could reconsider the three areas of life defined by their & # 39 ; American biobiologist Carl Woese in 1977: bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes.

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