Earthquake: Seismographs recorded the rhythms that confused Thessaloniki – Newsbomb – News t


The first is the size of 2.5 points on the scale of Richter 21:15 and the second, half an hour after that, and 3.1 points.

According to the Aristotle University Geoscience Laboratory in Thessaloniki, it is an area that has given small lines of earthquakes, but they are felt to be in Thessaloniki as it is not so long. attention.

Predominantly, the European-Mediterranean Seismological center (EMSC), the earthquake that occurred at 21:44 at 3 Richter, focused on 5km. south of Thessaloniki and a moderate depth of 5km.

Athens Theater, the Geodynamic Institution Unofficial Unveiling gave its first 2.4 Richter earthquake, with a maximum depth of 5.9 km. and the second at 2.8 Richter at a depth of 5km.


See the two earthquakes, as recorded by seismograph of the Seismological Institute of the National Athens Institute of Geodynamic Institute, located in Polygyros, Halkidiki.

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