East Gasmic "The Edition Edition" featuring trance DJs from the Netherlands


A Leader will appear to himself for his / her; the first time in Bratislava for "MR. ANSWERING EXPERIENCE", MENO DE JONG.

It's a trance DJ in Menno de Jong who's a & # 39; coming from Amsterdam, and a representative of international continuity. He is interested in classical and modern music as early as he is younger. He has a keen interest on music, he is trained in classical piano play, and eventually gave himself to DJing and his own production. It is the result that was triggered by a & # 39; DJs such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk. In his career he has played in all clubs around the world or at major festivals such as Tomorrowland, Dreamstate, State of Trance, Transmission, Creamfields, Mystery, Trance Energy, Sensation, Love Parade, Amnesia Ibiza, Amsterdam Dance Event. They also lost a 10-hour marathon on the "open-ended" events called MENNO ONLY.

In collaboration with major publishers, Menno de Jong concluded his collaboration with Black Hole Recordings in 2013, where he began to present songs by the renowned publisher In Trance We Trust. He did not lose most of his most popular albums, including Any Other Day's artwork, Creatures Of The Night's hymn by Canadian singer Chanire Lee, a series of three singles called the dogs and sub-genres affect them "Abhyasa," "Ahimsa" and "Ananda," as well as a way in collaboration with Adam Ellis, one of the biggest songs – Set To Sail feat. Kate Louise Smith Smith.

As a result of these successes, Menno de Jong's specialist artist and stories, featured in the InTrance We Trust in 2014 as a major, messenger featuring one of the richest history within the genre that provides platform for future visual star. Menno de Jong will be introduced on Friday 2-hour show, after 8 years he will play again in Slovakia and at the same time for his / her. first time in Bratislava.

The Chief Executive will CHRIOSDUIDH, who plays his main show in Slobhacia. He has a very good tournament that is released under the best known and best-selling pamphlets, Who disturbs 138?!, Tytanium Recordings, Kearnage, and so on . Out of every way that was left, it's enough to write a & # 39; ARIZON hit the biggest and most famous.

Talent Allena Watts has made an awareness of Armin van Buuren himself, so you've played Allen on many big troubles, including STATE OF TRANCE this year in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Finish finish ALAN WYSE coming from Scotland and providing good home support uNBEE. Cole and a pair of hard style DJs HEAVY STORIES. Tickets can be purchased at the Predpredaj.sk sales network. More information about the event can be found on Facebook.

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