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The battle between old and old boat teams continues in the new week. This time, the bars quickly swapped drinks. Girls could do the job easily, but the boy was much worse.

For two weeks, the team of old new boats will work together in a number of challenges. The winning team is able to continue the fight for 50,000 euros, and the defaults must leave the exhibition.

BAR is live broadcasting

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New figure in Bar: you can also be part of a bar team!

In a challenge in which the bars moved to the speed of the crowds, they first represented the crew Tea there NikaThe West The Polling glass of the Nika's and the hop hopes did not move big problems and easily drew Teo.

Then they moved on Grigor there LuckyAfter a grouse started quickly, but stopped completely at the second glass. He took a while and hit it. The worst were after the end of the challenges, because the winner and the person who lost the man did not; Feeling the best to drink leeks. Grigger left the toilet immediately and Srečko had to help with water. The rest of the competitors had a great host on their duel, and Emi had a problem to smile back.

You can watch a display bar from Monday to Friday at 22.30 on and off; Planet. Every Saturday you can broadcast live broadcasting at 8pm on TV shows or you will be part of the Bar's audience at Kongresni trg 3.
Lean Bar is also on the website and on social networking of Facebook and Instagram. Join the debate using the keyword #BarPlanet.

Bar - Gasper

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What's happening in the & # 39; there were? Gasper is still part of the show!




Bar at Planet TV

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Again, Barovka is spoiling human imagination





Planned TV

The challenge of his & her; best and worst #video bar

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