"Eat party"! ASUS ZenFone 5, 5Z will welcome Android 9.0 to welcome


Text / reporter Huang Jinglian/ / 2018-11-22 13:40

(Figure / ASUS)

ASUS announced earlier that Android will inspire 9.0 (Piece) for a number of its high-quality ZenFone lines and tell a rough timetable online.

These include the ZenFone 5Z and 5Q banner machine at the time, and it is expected that the update will be launched in late January next year. In terms of ZenFone 5, there may be room for change. It is anticipated that the start is a & # 39; first quarter of the next year.

As well as larger security, it is expected that Android 9.0 will bring full screen screens, better battery control, and faster applications. Android 9 also adds more constraints on background applications, and its output. allows users to see when and how often they use their phones.


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