Eating: A young woman was convened for a work interview, but said that she had stolen a manager and tried to sue her News


Young woman told a company manager for theft. The subject said, he said that he dealt unhappyly and tried to abuse her, after calling her to work for her, in Eat

The 24-year-old, who is held in a reserve, told the Latin American media that a company manager had a company; refers to the local working group, which, according to the victim, was the chief executive; and he was responsible for doing the job. interviewed the candidates.

"First, he started telling me that my chest was heard. He took my right arm and kissed me with the force. Then I wanted to leave it, but the door was closed. After that, threw me to the floor, put me on scratches, he took off his pancake and was for my bad, but I did not leave it, "he sent to the young woman who escaped From the subject.

The accused method of the accused is to & # 39; Convening young people with work commitments. The interviews that have been made are delivered at times where there are no staff, and take advantage of that to attack them. Another young woman released it in April 2018 by adversely affecting the same way.

Fear of the victim for his family, because he says he is threatened, because his personal documents are at the same time. subject.

Representatives of Depincri Comas They arrested the subject. According to a newspaper report, he refused the opposing allegations to the authorities.

When moved to the police station, try to cover the front to avoid damaging the reporter's camera.

"I did not do anything," he said in detail to the journalist, before joining the police unit.

The victim and his family have legal and psychological support already Ministry of Vulnerable Women and Names (MIMP).


Youngsters were asked for a work interview, but he said that he was stolen by a manager and tried to get rid

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