Eating raw pig meat


A 18-year-old boy was taken to hospital in India after eating raw pigs. The first warning sign is calls and so decided to make an MRI. The research was remarkable: the brain was full of worms.

The 18-year-old had worms in the brain. (Journal of Medicine New England)

In line with the New England Journal of Medicine, the patient reached the hospital with a clear eye, aching pain and confusion. When the test was carried out, doctors confirmed that these marks – along with the catches – were made by Taenia Solium, a parasite that broadcasts by means of raw or scarce pork.

This mite is able to lay eggs and represent it across the body called cysticercosis. The young man in India was so aggressive that he had died in hospital for two weeks.

What the WHO says

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified sickness absence as a result of epilepsy in developing countries. It is largely taken out when you remove raw food and import water with parasite eggs. T

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