The European Central Bank (ECB) can program the purchase of its property at the end of this year, the head of the Bank confirmed its " Central of 19 euro-divisions, Mario Draghi, discussing the European Parliament committee.

He acknowledged that the department inflation increased to 2.2% in October from 2.1% in September. Draghi noted that the development of events was to confirm the estimates; formerly on the ECB's board of governors to overlap the medium-term inflation. A home demand and salaries stronghold continues to support the regulator's confidence that the Euroszone inflation will have a regular integration with the ECB target value; to follow.

"So, the Board of Governors continues to accept it, subject to data that comes in to confirm our minds from medium-time inflation , property ends will be completed in December 2018, "said Draghi.

The ECB introduced a number of uncommon policy measures over a number of years, including the asset purchase program. Its main aims are to raise low inflation in the eurozone and bring it closer to the target marker – just below 2% for its & # 39; medium term. According to the ECB republic, announced in September, the annual inflation in the eurozone in 2018-2020 will be at 1.7%.

The ECB has its management councils to evaluate their financial policy measures. Following a series of recent board meetings, it was reported that the termination of its asset purchase program could occur in December this year.