ECB policy makers attempt to maintain a strong face, the Government and the economy


Mon, November 19, 2018 – 5:50 AM


The eurozone economy explores a number of policy makers at a & # 39; Central Central Bank, which needs to judge whether there is a lot of uncertainty that declines in major risks of growth.

Officers put credit in domestic stability and say that permanent cases should be withdrawn on third season. The wide message: after a period of youth suffering, it is harder to hit the middle of the transition to the decline of decline.

But there is also concern, with President Mario Draghi to warns of an increase in trade uncertainty. It also identified the potential for external risks to access the euro economy, spoil feeling and replacing brakes.

"We need to look after these trading risks carefully over the next few months," said Mr Draghi. "However, we still see the overall risks to the growth perspective, which are largely fair, largely because the basic drivers have a home-based demand and stay there." Recent numbers have painted a comic, slow slower and more. Germany, the largest euro economy, declines for its & first time since 2015.

Business confidence is weakened and there are reasons to frighten the vision due to the defensive dangers and the ongoing military battle in Italy. The euro fell to an average 17 months earlier this week.

The effectiveness of its resolved & # 39; confirm that the ECB can keep its way out of inspiration. The next call crunch will be coming in December, when there are new submissions at a & # 39; bank and a clearer view of how the dangers are in place, and the "downside" needs to be replaced by "fair". Previous circuits have suggested that their legs may be in a position; come to power through the heads.

For now, policy makers have to comply with them; glass tide view. This week, Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann said the revival is still "full" and a member of the ECB Executive, Peter Praet, said the demand remains "strong." The next step is to raise balanced levels. This is not expected until the end of 2019, although some economists are already experiencing construction time and the subsequent speed of the tension.

Taken alone, the ECB also plays a great deal about the ability to break. Brexit, whichever format she will be? , which damages to the UK more than Europe; a trade union with the US has improved; and is away from Italy restricted.

Some businesses do not guarantee that everything can be dealt with separately. For companies with global access, trade struggles between the US and China have already been eaten into profits, and reduce their ability to strengthen European jobs.

"We need to be fully aware of the need to find out how to find out how to find out ways," said BMW AG's finance chief executive to the Franco-German business forum in Paris last week. "Why? Because there is less money to invest in the future." BLOOMBERG

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