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The negative evaluation of the situation of staff is to reflect and analyze; Reducing the Purchasing Purchasing of Sustainable Products The main elements that define the new fall recorded the General Economic Estates Index (IGEE), which, measure their understanding of the population on economic conditions and employment.

In November, the Kantar TNS-down consultation set down two points in the chamber-room – which came to a floor for the historical measurement series. "For the second consecutive month economic expectancy is falling, and again the employment is variable as one of the key indicators to explain this defect ", said Julieta Dejean, commercial director of Kantar TNS.

"The employment situation is strengthened by the idea that this is not a good time to buy a sustainable product ", he said. In the measure of November, its idea of ​​the situation of the future also decreased to a lower level, although it was to a lesser extent, due to their overall understanding of the economy and expected in the future.

The November survey was completed during the second half of the month – from the 15th to the 28th, corresponding to the publication of 5.4% of October inflation index, increasing the dollar in Last week of that month. month and news about the rise in rural danger, among other issues.

"The healthy context of the economic situation, which does not appear to reflect positive features, is expressed in the opinion of the people who care about their working situation, not They are not looking good at present for the purchase of stable goods and, According to what else we have done in Kantar TNS, it will make different strategies that want to be to cost and spend ", Dejean finished.

The General Index of Economic Donations includes six questions in which one can; Ask about the current economic situation, the prospect of the economic situation for the next six months, the situation of Argentina, the forecast of income -the next six months housing and general cost of goods, among other matters and sub-items.

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