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Long is famous for its old Vam Dong River Co. Recently, Long An emerged as the main economic development area in the South West, especially in 2018.

Information from the People's Committee in the Long Contin province on November 20 indicates that the economic growth rate of 2018 is estimated at 10.5%, almost 1% higher than in 2017 (up 9.53%), The highest level of growth in many years.

The total home output (GRDP) in 2018 is estimated at 77,704 trillion dong in 2010, The average GRDP of each person is estimated at more than 68 million dong, with over 7 million dong over the same period. In terms of it, it is estimated that category I – agriculture, forestry and fishing – at 3.48% (2017 up 1.19%); Section II raised up 15.31%. Most of the campaigns in the & # 39; continually maintaining a high level of growth, with 68/75 representative level oversight over the same period.

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