Household financial assets grew larger than HUF 4,000 billion. there are more than 10 per cent of the savings in earrings, but money is not deposited in the current account. However, as well as the reservoirs, there is also a debt on registration, and for a large number the loans can be accountable.

The financial assets of domestic housing came to registration rates by the end of the year and stood at HUF 53,787.8 billion, MNB said. If we remove the debt from here, it's a? Exit: The total financial asset of households increased by HUF 4041 billion in the same year, now HUF 44,729 billion.

In fact, it is important to say that the general divide is not important to say that an average saving of HUF is 4.4 million for Hungary. In addition, it is impossible to access some of the sum now, for example, HUF still has 2800 billion left in the statistics on the establishment of private pension assets.

On the last day of the year, HUF owned almost 4,800 billion in cash – almost 1.2 million HUF per family – a historical record. Most of this is held by the population in HUF, with HUF 323.5 billion in foreign currency. In addition, the cash stock is growing tomorrow: cash savings up to 675 billion HUF in one year.

There were 6,376.6 billion existing HUF census deposits at the end of December, and HUF 3333 billion in thermal deposits. They do not take a & # 39; kitchen to their flat levels as well as millions of pillows that are heard into the hole, so Hungarian families spend more than 14.5 billion billion.

Last year's year, he had more than 9,000 billion HUFs; in families – four-year blow – and 7.0 billion HUF bits; loan sources, which are also a chart.

MNB data also shows that a public debt is 70.9% of GDP, 2.5 percentage points below the previous 73.4 per cent year, which is even better than 71 percent, which Viktor Orbán spoke last of year.

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