Economist to speak to Turkey: 5 facts about Thanksgiving prices


Very little food is closely linked to one holiday as Turkish to Thanksgiving. At least every Thanksgiving Dinner, a Turkey is a terrible one of the largest places.

Le Jay L. Zagorsky, University of Boston

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Very little food is closely linked to one holiday as Turkish to Thanksgiving. At least every Thanksgiving Dinner, a Turkey is a terrible one of the largest places.

In fact, the normal total turmoil that has been sold in the US is 15 inches rationalized, 70 per cent of white meat and has more profits than chicken or meat. But the most important question is what will it cost?

So before you get out the hard money you have for a big bird, there are five fast financial facts that I am going to; think you should know.

You get a bargain if you buy frozen

Freezing turbines do not offer much profit, if any, for your local shop.

The US Department of Agriculture Supervisory sales and sale of broods during the year. The price of the sale – the large stores need to pay for anything – in the full week of November there were about 81 cents per pound for frozen turmoil. The USDA found that there was a market price of around 83 pounds per pound a week later, and it is about the time needed to bring the soldier from a retailer to your store.

This means that the usual source in the US. a & # 39; Radiation turmoil sold about two sizes over its cost. In other words, the 15-pound bird will earn the seller just 30 cents, which does not Start to address the & # 39; The cost is deducted from the delivery truck to the shelf, arranged for sale or refrigerated throughout the process.

Why is a resource willing to make so much money on the best of that?

People who are interested in buying brushes are also familiar stories likely to buy other things, such as arranging, flexible solids and soda. The other things in which reservoirs are making their money are because the profitable campaigns on these items are higher than the frozen turcons.

New turbines are much more profitable

Although resources do not make money on frozen turkeys, new birds' turrets are completely different.

The USDA weekly report from the beginning of November shows that $ 1.12 per tonne does not exist; in the price of a new sale for new turmoil. The current selling price for new chickens is the largest bird with people attending, $ 1.51 per pound, 68 cents plus frost. This means that stores will $ 5.85 for a 15-pound bird before making other expenses.

Turkish turban, with larger bones and non-reasonable meat, sold for $ 1.25 not less.

There are sources that understand that people who are Looking to buy new turks with less price than they do; buy frozen birds. This brings something more profitable for the new birds.

On the side note, is a new turmoil worth it? I'll leave her & # 39; That non-economic question for the foods appears, because I do not. I enjoy it completely in new turmoil or frozen.

Where to buy your Turkey issues

Many people travel from one part of the US. to another to be & # 39; Celebrate Thanksgiving with friends or family away.

Is it a dentist worth buying in one place and moving it in a window all over the country?

Probably. Turkey's prices vary greatly depending on where they are bought.

Currently, USDA data shows the cheapest place to go; It is possible to buy frozen turks in the south east, where the average price of frozen chicken from Virginia to Florida is just 72 cents per pound.

But if you do not live in that area – or if you want to visit someone there – I would recommend doing a special trip just for buying hen harriers. The price is not so large. In the most expensive parts of continental Europe, frozen turrets would cost about $ 1.06 per pound. These high prices are available in the South Central state, which extends from New Mexico to Arkansas.

Why is the difference? Not due to travel expenses. Arkansas is among the states with the highest average price although it is raising around 1 in 10 turkey consumed in the US.

The most likely reason is because of a source competition. There are many more sources that fight for consumers' dollars in the south east than in other parts of the country. The USDA maintains prices in 7,400 supermarkets in the south east. But he can find prices in just 4,900 sources in the South Central part of the country.

You do not have to organize turcons

Thanks to Thanksgiving is not required if you want to serve Turkey in December. That's because the price of the store for the frozen turkey is usually lower in December than it is in November.

A Labor Statistics Bureau has been monitoring the price of a few specific indicators and pressures of frozen shark for decades as part of its attempt to determine the levels of US inflation.

Over the last 10 years, the price of the brushes on the boots was lower in December than November six times. The other four prices in December were only 2 or 3 cents per pound higher.

Less cheaper over time

Finally, Turkish has done a lot more expensive over time compared to other purchases.

In November 1980, the year that the bureau began to; Watching the burglar, he found that his price was nearly $ 1 per pound. That would be equivalent to almost $ 3 after an inflation adjustment, which is almost a double and current average of its $ 1.58 dollar.

In a simple way, the price of every pound of frozen toys has fallen almost half since Jimmy Carter was the president.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a fascinating thing to spend with family and friends. Which may be more important, because turcets are a n; getting cheaper, my family has more money to spend on the best of the food: dessert.

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