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President Mnangagwa yesterday met the National Assembly and Chief Executive's officers of the Assembly and encouraged them to establish strong legislation that promotes rapid economic development in terms of access to Vision 2030.

Advocate Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda and president of the Cannon Assignee Mabel Chinomona to take the officers to lead his / her. President of the House of the House after taking a number of posts under the ninth Parliament.

The event was held in accordance with the provisions of the Sustainable Rule and Order No. 11 of the two houses.

Members of the MDC Federation that are members of the Standing Orders and Orders Committee (SROC) did not attend, but Elias Mudzuri was the leader of the challenge in Senate Elias Mudzuri.

Speaking after a closed door meeting with President Mnangagwa, Adv Mudenda said they were fulfill statutory requirement. The President said, he explained that he had planned what he expected.

"The important thing, in terms of our Sustainable Rule and Order No. 11, requires the Parliament through their chief executive officers and those who support their own leadership officers to the President until we are fully baptized in our new work in the Parliament "said.

"We are pleased that the President received a time to get out to us and also through the short period he gave us a very clear architecture of the economy that we should continue to View 2030. He has told us that Parliament needs to create strong legislation that encourages economic development faster. "

Sen Mudzuri said he was present because he was a member of the SROC.

He said: "I came here to represent the Standing Committee of Orders and Orders invited by the President of the Assembly so that we can keep that conversation. We have already considered on the conversation between Standing Orders and Orders and President. "

He said about the meeting with President Mnangagwa: "The meeting was upheld and we received guidance (by President Mnangagwa) as a Parliament. We should look The legislation said he wanted to look at it. We also talked about the repeat of 26 laws to ensure that we complete policies to economics and easy to make business. "

Asked about the unlawful conduct of its MDC-Alliance partners, Sen Mudzuri said: "It's not for me to be judged. You will ask the honorable members. without a personal behavioral issue. I came here to represent my party on the Standing Orders Committee and Orders, which is a leading body ahead of the Parliament. If you are in the Parliament you need to interact, talk with the Government to ensure we deliver our expectations from our communities. We went to Parliament to ensure that the Government is delivering and we & # 39; look at the macro-economic conditions and what to do to ensure we deliver. "

Among the CMC legislators who were not present yesterday, Ms Tabitha Khumalo (head of the challenge in the National Assembly) and Prosper Mutseyami (Chief Whip).

Chief Executive of the Government's Business in the House as well as the Minister for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi District, Zanu-PF First Pupil Pupurai Togarepi, Deputy National Assembly Secretary Tsitsi Gezi, president of the president Council Cede Perrance Shiri and Chiefs Senator Fortune Charumbira was part of the chief executive's officers.

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