EDF publishes the winners at the second edition of the African Pulse EDF Awards


On Friday, November 23, 2018, EDF awarded the four winners in the second edition of the European Pulse African EDF Awards in Paris, a competition aimed at publishing and publishing. supporting African innovators who are committed to energy development in the continent. With 4 more candidates last year, EDF Pulse Africa has proved to be so interesting & # 39; There is a African startup and the commitment to EDF's proposal.

The 2018 EDF Pulse Afraga 2012 organization attracted 432 projects from 24 African countries, most of them Speaking English, compared to 103 from 17 countries last year. Among the 10 finalists, the Grand Jury has been multi-disciplinary on the following projects:

1st prize: TECH SAVANNA CIRCUIT (Department of production of electricity and electricity services, Kenya)
Savanna Circuit Tech Ltd. to recommend a moving cold cold system of milk with solar power. The scheme aims to reduce milk consumption, which greatly opposes small creators, linked to transport speed and a lack of infrastructure for conservation. It also helps to & # 39; fight food disorder by bacteria barring. The solution comes together with an accessible platform via smartphone, and # 39; Let producers and milk companies get their best profits.

2nd prize: BLACK BLACK STOREY LTD (Department of gene grid generation, Ghana)
This Ghanaian start is specializing in the development of mini-rays; he is already working 15 and aims to connect more than 12,000 Ghanaians to electricity by the end of the year. Black Star Energy's slight trends have become very high (over 98%); They allow users to know about their energy; and pay to & # 39; bills through mobile The flexibility at the Black Stat Users' Relationship platform is to meet the different needs of customers with different price registers.

3rd prize: Divisional power generation division, Nigeria)
SolarCreed provides a foreign farmer in Nigeria with solar solutions with solar power to replace light fossil fuels, counted for almost 30 per cent of farm running costs. A folder that includes solar panels, long-life lithium-ion batteries and LED lamps can be up to 10 hours of light.

Exercise three-exercise prize: RWANDA psychotherapy (access to water division, Rwanda)
Water availability Rwanda has created a solar hawk for drinking water. The solution is based on a water treatment and discharge center called "INUMA", powered by solar energy and equipped with a powerful system of quake. The INUMA tree can provide 2,500 people with water that is cleaned and used. In addition, the INUMA center is also the retail point for goods and services that are suited to local needs (hygiene products, filters and chlorine records, telecommunications services, savings and refrigeration systems).

Best prize: SAVE THE T-AGRICULTURE, (Water access department, Cameroon)
It is specialized in aquaponics (a form of water cultivation that combines the cultivation of plants to fish farming), the start-up tool has developed tools that allow individuals and fish socks as fertilizer for the cultivation of fish. organic vegetables. The aquaponics resources are used by solar power, using only 10% of water compared to traditional agriculture, reduce the amount of waste in 90% of fish rooms and eliminate the use chemical fertilizers.

Fàs support

The four winning winners have won from € 5,000 to € 15,000, in addition to full support, including:
• operational and financial advice
• project development partnerships with local players such as "Gene Generation" (a designated conservation and training center to start the Togo-based energy sector) and with EDF experts, especially through its Fàs Pulse subsidiary EDF
• access to the EDF innovation ecosystem system: R & D EDF and internal creativity work,

EDF Press Afraga: a unique approach

EDF is actively developing long-term low carbon energy solutions in Africa & # 39; as they contribute to the empowerment of the continent. With the Pulse Afraga EDF Awards, EDF is to support the business relationship in Africa with two aims:
• identify potential partners to find the technological lumps in the & # 39; mainland
• support innovation by participating local entrepreneurs in a & # 39; develop innovative offers

The EDF Pulse Afraga campaign is based on the prices of EDF Pulse, which, as launched in 2012, has enabled 1500 innovation and innovation projects to be shown and displayed. running in France, in the United Kingdom and France. in Italy.

Marianne Laigneau, Acting Director of the International Governing Body and Chair of the EDF Pulse Afraga Advocacy, said: "The success of this second edition of the European Pulse EDF Awards is to prove as attractive as this is, support EDF is praising. The incredible wealth of the applicant's projects represents the important role of African youth, both extremely, innovative and formal in line with the challenges in mainland. We are proud to stimulate those activities that are particularly exciting, which will be part of the energy solutions that are sometimes tomorrow and which are part of what we & # 39; make of our actions in Africa ".

Zoom on Lono, laureat in the 2017 edition

LONO project : an organic starter that converts organic rubbish to biomass for cooking fuel and biomethan for electricity generation.

Thanks to the EDF Pulse Africa support, LONO has been able to have its first active version of its & # 39; "Kubeko" bio-bumper detector for rural numbers. The company is now preparing to launch the test level of the product at six sites. Through new partnerships and diversification of their activities, the founding team has generated money to build a 9-person operating team. It will be completed shortly with a translation by a consultant, funded by EDF and coordinated by Energy Generation, to consolidate the legal framework of LONO activity, a real challenge for the use of the materials and services him.

Generation of Energy Partnership

The EDF Pulse Africa participant, a all-African Power Power power group that ensures that the long-term projects continue, in particular by doing so; offer them essential training and tools to develop their innovative projects. Founded by an Astria Fataki African entrepreneur in 2016, Energy Power is working to select rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa to train young people in industrialization and energy trades.

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