Editing argument on a Spanish newspaper: "We're going to steal football"


Transfers of the Superfinal to Madrid continue to continue to move. Bringing tweed for cutting, and the questions decided to Conmebol on the side of the Argentineans, was added to the one known Spanish-medium, that was sent out with controversial editing.

"We're going to play football: continue this way and we will continue to blame the mischief and even the soul", he warned the note Cristina Cubero Advanced for Mundo Deportivo, where she is a analyzing everything that happened about the definition of the Libertadores Cup.

The superintendent of the environment describes the sports and violence that are familiar to the courts, but also the economic situation. "Everyone gains, less than people, less than fans, fewer cleaned and protected Argentina Artar, wounded, the third world, "he said.

"The problem is present with Mauricio Macri for not knowing that he is played in Buenos Aires or not played, the loch stands up with leaders River and Boca do not stand, because they have responsibility and power, "he said. journalist

Complete edition:

We're going to steal. Continue on this way, expressing the talent, & # 39; surrender, surrender to money, and # 39; Feeling lower for trying to be like them. Keep it up and we will continue to steal the misfortune and even the soul. Soccer is the value made by Argentina by banner. Only a country with creativity in the birthdays of Maradona and Messi's birth and not just who can be in history, if the first Diego or the first one we put off because they could get a medical treatment in Barcelona.

The G-20 has gone through Buenos Aires and nothing happened. But soccer is more beneficial, it is a more valuable gift, good for trade. We have been stolen and everyone is complete and they are all beneficial, less than people, less than the fans, less of Argentina's Artar that are clean and protect, which will & # 39; becoming dangerous, the third world.

A Superclassic in the final of Libertadores, River-Boca in the Monumental that is a The most important title in South America, the worst of the world, was the Real Madrid-FC Barcelona that we had never played in the Oran final, the mother of all the games … and we are busy in our and they tell you that it is your offense, they are not ready … And those who should lift their own voices and clean themselves; travel to the first class to Madrid to live in a truly luxurious hotel and see how beautiful the city is with Christmas lights.

It is not the person who's the feeling of the person who is. attacking the foolish River River that throws a stone at the Boca bus with the sadness of it; is a government that is & nbsp; left by security. The problem is the responsibility of the person who does not understand that this party is capable of staying. Mauricio Macri is the factor for not saying that this has been played in Buenos Aires or has not been played. The loch is streamed by River and Boca leaders who are not placed. Because they have their responsibility and power. The Conmebol has been sold because it is best in the picture the classic and organized box of Santiago Bernabéu, the stadium in which we describe the wealth of being able to; seeing an amateur show. We're going to steal. Soccer and even the soul.

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