Edmonton Oilers is a sign by Joel Persson to expand a year contract


According to the official Twitter account of the Oilers, the team has been the name of a defender, Joel Persson, to extend one year long contract & is continuing to & # 39; make a journey through another spectacular season with Vaxjo HC of SHL.

When the Oiler first signed to Joel Persson to a year contract again in May, the solid decorator was not familiar with the fact that he is on the right and capable of some of his / her. offset crime. All these only did to make sure it was a bit; worth paying attention, but can not really help? If so, how long can it be? We all knew that it was signed for a year and that the Olearan would be left in Sweden for working on its own, and # 39; The team and player have enough enough to find out if things would not work. The contract allowed the Olears to control the long player & # 39; as it was to spread time and space without going to & # 39; North America has too much pressure too early. Out of sight, out of mind … at least for the time.

Then, about two months ago, I inserted an article from our friends at Elite Prospects who commented on Joel Persson and talk about her amazing season; with the Vaxjo Lakers. The article talked about the life of Persson as a teacher's assistant before going on; Work through the small leaks in Sweden and into the popular. Franky, the story of a human life could be turned into the kind of good movie that you would make a good tea shed to the end. In fact, I say that this dude has been running for the past seasons and it is very wonderful to go to; see where he finished. If you do not have the chance to read about Persson's support and climb to the best Sweden competition, it's worth reading because his job is something common. From being a T.A. to the NHL second contract being an hell on a trip, do you know?

This season, the defendant 5 & 11, 176-pound a & # 39; played in his second year with the Vaxjo Lakers where he is doing second in team scoring in general (behind Roman Rumanian) with 22 points (4G, 18A) in 35 games to go with to six PIMs and level +2. And although we still do not know about the full details of the contract, I am interested in seeing what's going on; come back to the 24-year-old guardian. Will he stay in Sweden for another year? Will it pass on to North America for the 2019-20 season to start learning our game taste? As Lowetide says, we'll wait.

Defenseman Joel Persson from SHL Vaxjo Lakers

It's been a while since Persson has been confirmed and so I thought it would be a good time to go to. Provide a regeneration offer just what this is and what could it be given on the Oilers blue line. So who do we speak? Let the internet be our guide.

From Erik K. Pirri at Elite Prospects:

Persson is an invasive defender with a great view from the place. With her skills and insights, he welcomes her & her; play power. It's not a speedster, but it's possible to have an appropriate move and it can be a good walk. On the other hand, it is small and there is not much force alone.

Over the Lowetide site, he spoke to Mike Zanier's first visitor about Persson:

"It came to camp 7. The QB of the PP came before October. It started out more as an attacker but it has been a hard D & D for the best PP in the SHL. Elias Pettersson has done something to that, it's really worth looking (for the NHL team). "

Back in February, Dobber Prospects spoke about Persson as an interesting stakeholder going into the summer:

The Växjö team, a 23-year-old Defender, Joel Persson (UFA) has one exciting 30-year-old defender, who has 30 incredible points in 44 games, but there are reasons for concern because 21 of these 30 points has come to power, and has 13 high school support. Persson is a very defensive defender who plays something sheltered – he's a Just play 16:42 each game is the highest fifth among defenders on his team, with 2:46 of his power, and is not used to kill penalty. Persson played hockey in the third row in Sweden last year, and so it's a doing now is very spectacular but it does not seem that another jump can be done to the NHL if someone does not need a power performer.

Power-powered specialist? Crime from the blue line? It seems to be suitable here, I think.

Period Team Lge DT G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Vaxjo HC SweHL 51 6 28 34 8 17 13 1 4 5 0
2018-19 Vaxjo HC SweHL 35 4 18 22 6 2

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