Édouard Philippe is very disturbing


The First Minister, as long as he said he had "heard" the needs put by local elected officers, He stayed on the line founded by Emmanuel Macron.

The 101th Congress of the French majority finished Thursday in Paris with a taste of finishing unfinished. Just a few hours after Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee, the prime minister stayed on the line that the President of the Republic continued, without ensuring that local officers

François Baroin, president of AMF and supervisor LR de Troyes, praised a editing order for Edouard Philippe, asking him to "open III decrivation".

"We are better. We want to believe that a new trust will open"

François Baroin, AMF President

After your encouragement to welcome the Trèbes town council, Aude's usual pushed by terrorism and floods, François Baroin spoke about the wounds that he had spent. in a year of conversation was very difficult with the director. "We are the leading players in the country's public activity," he said, before calling on the meeting to be held on the previous day with a "good exchange" state. "We are better. We want to believe that it will open a new time of trust," he said. Just before, André Laignel, Deputy Chief of the AMF and Senior Seaman PS Issoudun, had taken a bigger deal in a speech that was circulated to the government and the head of state.

In this context, the Prime Minister appeared awfully and calmly. Pais only, despite ministers of Territories Jacqueline Gourault and Sebastien Lecornu.

Technical lecture

For the 4,000 porters of Porte de Versailles, Edouard Philippe wanted to send a message of confidence, according to his / her course set by the Elysee. After hearing the long accident at André Laignel, he was aware of the unanimously resolved resolution with the AMF office. Three principles and seven ambitions were defined as negotiating starting points to protect responsibility and partnership.

Édouard Philippe responded by saying he had "heard" the stated needs. "In the order of the seaman, it happens that a man needs to be a bad news release," he started. He emphasized his connection to the "precious" conversation, and defended his & her; his policy and he described scenes. His speech, often technically, did not offer anything new compared to the state leader who heard the previous day.

"In the order of the maid, we sometimes have to call a bad news"

Édouard Philippe

On the way out, most of the suspected martyrs were upset. Do André Laignel, the Prime Minister "clearly did not listen, and so did not hear about much of France".

The social master named "to deny a true conversation" in a government leader's speech. Some elected officers, however, wanted to believe in the interconnection's clarity when others were aware of Edward Philippe's personality, his & her; Most of them are still essential.

"He did not have his or her content to register as a response to AMF officers," a & # 39; taking a judge elected. "Despite a lot of knowledge of the form, the First Minister did not have much to say about the material and to obstruct the little in our ways. It has a duty basic, "said another.

The third part leaves the 101th Congress of the majority of France wisely. "There's not a lot of concrete things at his Prime Minister's speech. He turned a bit of air."

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