EDP ​​is damaging Portugal


The results of the energy company accounts were
was published this Monday
and, for the first time in 22 years, that EDP was losing market in the Portuguese market, a situation that had not occurred "since the compensation period in 1997", the company says, as a result of the t The villages of Portugal are described as having the results of EDP Renováveis ​​in Portugal.

"In 2018, the industry in Portugal recorded a loss of 18 million euros, compared with a profit of 169 million euro in 2017," said EDP reporting to the markets.

In addition, this negative behavior is confirmed by "high taxes and regulatory decisions", namely the Government's € 285 million in the Communications Contract Maintenance Cost (CMEC), an issue that has been raised by the Scottish Government. EDP ​​argued in court with the following. Government.

As a result, net profits in the EDP group (general) fell to 53% to EUR 519 million last year when it increased to EUR 1113 million.

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