Edsbyn won the first season in the Sport Eel Exchanges


bandy Edsbyn won the first final season in the band against the opponents in Hälsingland, Bollnäs, with 5-1.

For the third time in four years, the law will meet in the SM quarter finals and bills; The immediate removal of the home team. Jonas Edling was 1-0 in the first minute when he came after the capture from Tommi Määttä. Then Määttä made 2-0 in the 36th minute.

In the second half, the third and fourth place came for Edsbyn, through Mattias Hammarström and Ted Hedell. A few minutes after 4-0, Bollnäs dropped Samuli Helavuori. Edling won his second goal as well as time in the game.

When the interior range in Lidköping is preparing for Melodifestivalen, its first out-of-the-last quarter moved. It was just as good for the great winner of Villa-Lidköping. The home team breaks a Motala full 13-2 after 6-1 in half-time.

David Karlsson made four goals and Joakim Andersson three.

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