Eduardo Feinmann made a fine on the General Matters and gave them the opportunity to give them the opportunity


Journalist Eduardo Feinmann criticized the tasks of General Affairs and encouraged the controversy.

After a conference organized by a group of actors who filed their complaint for a & # 39; Breaking Thelma Fardín, journalist Eduardo Feinmann Against a dispute by sharing their views on the actions of the General Actors.

The journalist, in his 24-hour program, criticized & # 39; A collection of actors that he & she; dealing with spectators. "I'm not happy to use a tragedy to bring water to your political and personal mills, that's what it looks like to me," he said.

"I support a request from all the women, but I do not accompany the consortium of the actors. I would like to be in the As a conference, they were going together in a quiet. I think they put forward an exhibition with concern to a young woman who was on a small level, with her suffering, and others who laugh and sing the same guy. Sounds of great sound ", closed Eduardo Feinmann.

"He did not have a bad deal, he was a mafia": a hard response Eduardo Feinmann to the daughter of Agustín Rossi

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