Edward Downey criticized two murders from the Calgary woman and her daughter


Edward Downey has pretended that he went to the home of Sara Baillie in the morning that he was killed but his wife, He said he was with two others – and when he left the northwest, the men were still there and he believed he had a & # 39; woman and five, a girl was still alive.

Downey is alleged to have been killed by Baillie and her daughter, Taliyah Marsman, in 2016.

He started his confirmation in his defense on Wednesday morning, after lawyer, Gavin Wolch, told lawyers that "one was expected to kill" Baillie.

The 48-year-old is proven for two counts of murder of first degree. He has taken a role, where he guides it through questions with Wolch.

On the morning of July 11, 2016, Downey says that he and an old friend who were dealing with drugs called Terrance was a " met at Baillie's home so he could sell the two drugs for money. Downey said Terrance and Baillie came to protest in another room.

At one time, Downey, the Terrance call out, asked for a duct failure. Downey said he had abandoned a part and gave him to Terrance and before leaving Baillie's home. Downey's fingerprints were subsequently received by the police on the tape attached to Baillie's face and neck.

It was not when it happened;

In his opening statement to advocates, Wolch said lawyers have heard "some of the most difficult evidence" but there are still no answers that have been answered.

"One did not expect to kill Ms Baillie; as far as Mr Downey is aware, he was not there when it happened," said Wolch.

Wolch said Downey left Baillie's home for himself on the morning of July 11, 2016.

"The last time Mr Downey Taliyah Marsman saw … she was alive and well."

Downey has emerged to become a cocktail trader with a crime record that includes piping conviction.

Sara Baillie and Taliyah Marsman were killed in July 2016. Edward Downey is testament to two counts of murder of the first stage. (Facebook)

Baillie's body was found filling into her home laundry land northwest of Calgary on July 11, 2016. The patients believe that the girl was killed the same day but it was not until three days later that her body was found, in the rural area of ​​the east of the town.

On Tuesday, Patients Carla MacPhail and Ryan Jenkins closed the case after they were witnessing witnesses and more than two weeks' evidence.

The jury also heard that Downey's cell phone was in the Baillie's home area in the Panorama Mountains in the morning that was killed and later that day was linked to a cellular tower cell near the site where find the body of the child.

Downey confirmed that he had been following Terrance to a place of meeting near the same rural area where they could get drugs for money.

Downey story

On the morning of the convicted murders, Downey said he sent away his lover at the day care she worked before he came to Tim Hortons where he met up to an old friend He knows drugs he knows from at least 2006 named Terrance.

At the time of Tim Hortons's decision, Terrance was a friend with him. Downey confirmed he did not know the real name of Terrance and he did not remember the name of his friend.

Both were black men, below 6 feet, according to Downey.

Downey said he wanted to buy drugs from Terrance and so the three cars took two cars to the home of Baillie in the northwest community of Panorama mountains.

They parked on the streetside before they went inside.

Whenever they were in the lower room, Taliyah's Baillie in her room, Downey gave evidence. Then Terrance and Baillie went to another place of her room to talk while Downey was and she did not. conversation with the unnamed person.

They said it was OK & # 39;

At one time, Downey says, he stopped stopping Terrance asking about the drugs but was offered four kilograms of coconut, and said he was too much. Downey and Terrance were set up to evaluate the drugs later on so that Downey could be smaller.

Terrance returned to his private conversation with Baillie but Downey says he would hear the two people; begin to fight.

"They were getting a little bit," said Downey. "They were still fighting but they said it was OK."

Downey then told Terrance to ask for failure.

"My friend sent the failure, I issued a piece of failure … I gave him," said Downey.

"When Terrance asked a failure, what's going though is your mind?" asked Wolch. Downey replied: "Almost, I did not think it was for the failure."

After giving an 18-inch piece, Downey said he had a white Mercer bet on Terrance, he moved home, played a computer game and collected money for the drugs.

Downey says when he returned to Baillie, Terrance and his outgoing friend. They changed keys and were set up to meet at 52nd Street and 16th Avenue N.E.

On the way, Downey says he has lost a search on Terrance. Downey said that he was going to be able to continue. East traveled to think he could look at a "stash spot" at Terrance for drugs but then he changed his mind and turned to raise his lover from his work.

The connection

Downey was connected to the Baillie through her lover then, a woman who can only identify her as a result of a ban on publication. AB and Baillie are friends; better.

Both families spent time together and Downey was familiar with Baillie and his daughter. Just two days before his death, Baillie, her daughter, Downey, AB and AB had a cross with the home of the accused person and everything "looked good," said Downey.

Its Crown theory is to encourage Downey to be able to; Balancing a Baillie for AB motivation to leave her and for her barrier from working as a supporter.

The day before his death, AB text on Downey told him she wanted to break up.

But Downey explained that he and AB had been talking about breaking up several times. Although he thought their relationship was coming to an end, after the latest break-up text, they spent the night together and there were "good" items, he said.

In a message message to a friend, Downey said, "I go down to one moon and it is square." AB received evidence that a woman is a "square" word to refuse to catch.

Jurors also heard that Downey wanted AB to work as a stubborn but she refused. Downey explained that he had a plan he had done with AB as he did not finish.

The prosecutor argues that the girl was murdered because she was in a position; see the death of her mother, or not known at least the person, who was inside the home.

MacPhail started crossing Downey late in the evening before breaking his court for the day. It will continue on Thursday.

There are no seats in the Calgary courtroom gallery. A second courtroom was opened for the overseas.

The Queen's Queen Court, Beth Hughes, is the justice of his & her; legal court, held until the end of this week.

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