EFF will return to the Deposit with their own expenses


Continuing to & # 39; Minister Luvin Gordhan's head on EFF's headteachers on Julius Malema on Monday, the redberries will be hit, telling them to charge, including corruption and cash vow, minister on Tuesday.

In a statement issued on Monday, the EFF stated that a criminal case that applies to cash vowel, corruption, exile, fraud, pollution, as well as to & # 39; breach of the Information Act and the Prohibition and Conversation Act of Corrupt Actions, against Reverse.

The party said he would open his case at the Brooklyn police station in Pretoria, which is the only police station used by Dean to be at # 39; The opening of an issue of crime of crime and serious crime against Malema and vice-president Floyd Shivambu EFF.

As well as two offenses committed on Monday, Gors also complained about hate speech against Malema, Following some of the recent comments.

Driver also asked police officers to consider having a & # 39; Trying to say that public reports by Malema hate hate language.

The minister commented on comments made by Malema on 20 November outside the Zondo Commission, where he said "… there are reasons. There can even be a life loss [sic]Post-If you're not ready for that, stand outside ".

Last week, Malema sent a grievous attack on Oriente outside the place where the minister confirmed before a state examination was examined.

Malema wants him to have a stubborn dog

He named a "corrupt" tray, "a dog of white monopoly capital" and said he had hated black people.

He also said that Gorissa's daughter, Anisha, had benefited from government and Treasury contracts for her father's sake.

Gorhan has been strongly denied that his daughter made business with the state, saying that his family lay and the attacks were totally inappropriate.

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"You can not call dogs to us and you can not share bad rooms about families that are all too well," said Guards to the media outside the police station.

"If you want to argue with us politically, that's right, but once you're lying and attacking families, and you're going to It's still enough enough, but you'll also start to share the South African society, and it is completely unsuitable. Accessible fact in South Africa. "

News24's research revealed that many of the EFF's claims were evidence that Anisha had benefited as a result of his father's role as a government minister, in fact, that this was unrealistic.

Need to stop hatred hatred in society

Enhance also told the media that he would make a complaint about the speech of hatred against Malema and Shivambu with the Equality Court.

He said it was clear that the statement from the EFF chiefs had been seriously injured, damaging and misleading. encouraging hatred, and thus based on love as the Equality Act considered.

Lawyer de Goron, Tebogo Malatji, told the media that the minister sought invaders and rent that was unharmed in terms of his / her. complaint in the Equality Court, R150 000 to be ordered by its & # 39; Court together and differently against Malema and Shivambu.

If it were successful, the spoiled claimed would be donated to a charitable body that supported the creation of work for young people without employment.

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"We have to hate hatred in society. We invite all South Africa to say that we can not believe in these myths," said Gors.

"It's time for all South Africa to stand strong in the face of racism, breach and scandalism, and contribute to united democratic, non-ethnic and unreasonable democrats in Africa We need all, as African Afrikaans, to continue to fight pollution in the private and state sectors. "

When contacted us to comment on the costs incurred, Malema refused a response, saying only: "Yes, get your response from the Adrian Basson racial editor."

A call was sent to an EFF spokeswoman, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi for comments, answering and, while Shivambu responded to the call of News24, he placed it as soon as possible. And he asked him.

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