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Over the last few years, Nam Dinh has developed a strong reform of the basic elements of education and training with a view to consolidating the importance of doing so. improving the quality and abilities of learners. The continent has a great contribution to its & # 39; Achievement of the scheme that promotes the development, fitness and lifestyle for young people, young people and children in the 2015-2020 period, interested in returning and entering. including content to be granted. 05-CT / TW Guidance of the Politburo on promoting the ideas, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh, value education and life skills.

Early education is well attended. By the end of December 20, 2007, 176 out of 266 pre-schools achieve national levels, and # 39; accounting for 66.5%; 73 out of 266 pre-schools achieve green, clean, beautiful and safe levels, and accounting for 27.4%. After a year to activate & # 39; theme plan "Children's nursery building" for the period 2016-2020, the divisional level has developed three modules of subject points that are in progress; representing the departments, 19 models of area level points.

Nam Dinh has developed a foreign language project in 2020 and a pilot project for increasing English language teaching in general schools with foreign teachers, and teaching a 10-year English program (48 secondary schools and 23 secondary schools, schools); Strengthen teaching in English with foreign teachers (at 56 schools with 15,600 students), and coordinate the IIG annually to evaluate the ability of English text to students at all levels. Nam Dinh is considered by the Ministry of Education and Training as one of the nine mainstream departments to implement a 2020 foreign language project; Results of a national secondary graduation test in 2017 The English language of the continent had been the ninth country and the north (after Hanoi).

The education department is actively involved in teaching methods and the development of new school models. At primary level, 147 schools are implementing the new school model in Vietnam (50%), with three areas of Xuan Truong, Vu Ban and Ninh Truc being implemented in every primary school. At secondary school level, from 2015-2016, Nam Dinh province will pilot new school modules in 19 young secondary schools in a & # 39; continent, and then expanded to 22 schools with the flexible, flexible logo used in the home. The positive element of the modern school model together with "meaning" is the traditional method of teaching.

The form and method of analysis are also developed. At secondary level, from the 2016-2017 school year, Nam Dinh has tested experimental transformation, in which students need to make three compulsory tests: Mathematics, Language Arts and Music. English General exams include English, French, Russian, natural science and social studies. Students will make the multiple choice test. Completion of the general test will meet the requirements of a & # 39; the implementation of a Foreign Language Project to 2025 and to meet the comprehensive educational requirements and access to the requirements of the " new general education program. The disappointment innovations in recording as a proper, prepared and planned direction; create an agreement, senior support of parents, students and their universities; Contributes to the implementation of innovation, testing and evaluative development potential in the spirit of Form 29-NQ / TW.

The school network at all levels remains constant, and meets the people's learning needs. At present, there are 266 pre-schools (262 public schools, 4 private schools); There are 292 primary schools; 237 secondary schools are low; There are 57 schools in the secondary school (45 public schools, 12 private schools). The system of foundations of materials and teaching equipment was recently built with 12 VND 90 billion worthwhile houses, 10 houses near VND 30 billion, the construction and repair of hundreds of new rooms. study, classrooms with hundreds of billion. There are 289 primary schools, 174 secondary schools and 20 secondary schools in the mainland. In a & # 39; Last year, the department has equipped almost 500 foreign languages ​​and vocational schools for schools.

In the spirit of cleaning and damaging the equipment, the units have investigated the staff and re-negotiated their work according to the suitability of sleepers and civil servants and their arrangements part-time part-time workers to mitigate the ministry. machine. It is usually checked that the quality of cadres and civil servants, in accordance with Circular 06/2015 / TTLT-BGDDT-BNV, has a & # 39; dated 16 March, 2015 on the list of posts and the number of people who work in public pre-school centers, no more than 2,000 teachers are in the province.

The national high level examinations in the 2017-2018 primary year, Nam Dinh have been in the highest level with the average scores of the second nationally rated exam; Eight out of nine are in the top 10 in the country with the highest average score in the country. In 2018, a total of 89 students have a " Attending 11 excellent national students, winning 73 awards. Seven students in Mathematics, Science, Chemistry and Computer Science will be selected by the Ministry of Education and Training for the second round to choose Vietnam to take part in the Olympics in 2018. Thanh Tung, a 12th grade student Specializing in Le Hong Phong Chemistry High School, the International Silver Medal in Chemistry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Over the next few years, Nam Dinh will continue to continue to play a " Distribution of content, objectives and implementation actions Resolution No.29-NQ / TW for directors, teachers and departmental staff. To regenerate the management and enhance the quality of the case of teachers and educational administrators; To plan a network of educational centers, positive socialism and promotion of devolution in education and training centers; Promoting education and professional guidance for secondary school students.

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