Egg is very large and large. money loss in the last quarter


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The VTC company, which is preparing for a & # 39; Soon, go to public, and continue to. loss of losses in hundreds of millions.

Unlike France, US companies can earn to make a big deal in the first years of being, led by the idea that investments will be & # 39; last payment. Some digital giants, such as the Gafa, have succeeded, some are still waiting (Snap), and others have been waiting to go to; Land on stock market can be profitable (such as Twitter, just 2018). However, über The next IPO is responsible for obtaining the device from the ground.

Rescuers rise dramatically

At the same time, the VTC company continued to register loss of heavy net, is estimated at $ 865 million for its fourth quarter of 2018. Compared to the same period of previous years, the loss remains reduced, since reaching 1.1 billion dollars in late 2017.

Uber also said he had created it net sales of $ 3.02 billion In the fourth quarter, up 25% per annum. Full recordings reached $ 14.2 billion in the last three months of the year, very strong progress (+ 37%) compared to the previous year.

A creative egg is abilities and does not; blocking investments

Indeed, seasonal seasonal loss data is not so scared. Egg agrees to make huge investment competitors back and continue to & # 39; Confirmation of activities other than the VTC such as food delivery, but also scooter stations, electric bicycles and car bar between individuals.

Driver hire, & # 39; expanding to new markets, launching new businesses and lower prices so that competition can not be strengthened … All at a cost for Uber. And the company does not have a & # 39; forget auto devolution program, who do not expect to make money for many years, and who had a detailed stool after the death of a deadly accident; One of its vehicles would cause in March 2018.

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