Egils Siliņš participates in the Bairay Festival hospitals in Abu Dhabi


Egils Silins, with Latvian basbaritone, will be joining the Bayreuth Festival team, participating in the special guest shows of the "Valkir" opera by Richard Wagner in Abu Dhabi, the main Arab Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Egils Silins performs a Votne career in Katarina Wagner's production on January 30 and February 1.

It should be remembered that the last summer was the first singer at the famous Bayreuth festival, held since 1876. In the new production of the "Lengrin" opera, Egils Siliņš was relied on as the reward of kings . In July and August this year, the show will be able to see again, and Egils Siliņš will return to the Bayreuth Festival platform.

In Riga, Egil Silins will be heard on March 1 at a & # 39; Big Society at the concert "Tristan and Isolde." A love song ", featuring the Wagner" Tristan and Izolde "opera, 2nd Tax and" Izolde's Love ".
The Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and solo Irena Teorina, Martina Dike, Korby Velch and Mikhail Chulpayev are led by the director of Andris Poga.

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