EGP 179 million for the development of distribution networks to improve service in Minya


«Electric»: 179 million pounds for the development of distribution networks to improve the service in the Minya Al-Forsan network, referring to Al-Masry Al-Youm, publishing "Electricity" to you: 179 million pounds for the development of distribution networks to the Minya service, "Electricity": 179 million pounds to develop distribution networks to improve the service in Minya Latest News Visits We nowadays through our network of knights and start with the main news, «electricity»: 179 million pounds for developing networks to improve the service in Minya.

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Eng said. Medhat Awais Fouda, President of the European Electricity Distribution Company of the Middle East, has put in place a mechanism to improve the efficiency of the electricity network in the government and the service for subscribers with 179.205 million pounds, which it came to 1.22 million subscribers.

During its review of the report on the progress made in the Minya government, which is within the areas covered by the Egyptian Electricity Distribution Company, Dr. Fouda that the release of panels of distribution panels (7) is complete. Expansion of a megabytes network with 133.03 km of cabinet operation and 126.8km of airways, as well as the installation of the 12 km cable cable and airliners. A low voltage network was also expanded by & # 39; 4.1 kilometer codes and remote connections, As well as installing the network (101.6) km, and the number (241) m was replaced.

Fouda said the Media Distributor for its Distribution of Electricity; Include a methodology to improve customer service centers and improve contractual procedures. A system is in place to control the complaints to prevent complaints by contracting with external companies to read customer counting to provide reading difficulties. Legal control appointment given to some of the employees whose company has a " limit the breaking and burn and spell; company tax collection, with a full commitment to & # 39; pre-paid meter installation for all subscribers, both new installments or reinstatement of meters.

He said that new technologies are used to improve their performance and improve the service. The "Instant Dahab" service has been implemented to collect accounts and pay pre-paid payments as new locations to enable citizens to provide electronic billing service electronically through Visa or Pay Card with & # 39; the National Bank of Qatar company and the National Bank of Qatar in cash through receiving data on a website; company, and the use of modern reading tools and given to all inspectors due to its impact on reading readers readers, including a web site; company to check the electric bill, & # 39; distribute a culture of energy conservation, and supporting writers about the audio modes, and using electrical devices, and expand LED lamps, and & # 39; get complaints and suggestions from citizens to improve the service, and include the subscriber for reading through a website; South Westerly

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