Egypt – 10 things you may have to stop Watts Ab .. Be aware of them


(MENAFN – Youm7) In recent years, WattsUp has emerged as one of the most important means of communication for most users, from formal connections to chat with friends and family, to be a tool for millions of people all over the world. Because your account can be banned or suspended, the Wattsp account can be suspended without your own message or message. Here are 10 things; The user may be banned from blocking:

– Put messaging illegal, depressing, discouraged or threatening.

– The promotion of violent crimes can also mean that you " waiting for Watts.

– Create a fake account for someone.

– Send too many messages to users that are not your communications list.

– Try changing or changing WatsApp application code.

– Use Watts to add viruses or malware to other users.

– Trying to steal or oversee WattsUp attendants.

– Use third party applications such as Watts Up Plus.

– Obtain ban from many Watts users.

– Many other users have told you about WattsApp.


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