Egypt and the UAE will be brought together with all partners


Emirates Gulf: Egypt and the Emirates are presented by all partners
Emirates Gulf: Egypt and the Emirates are presented by all partners

Al-Khaleej's newspaper report that Egypt and the UAE are twins, all common species between nations and peoples, proverbs, religion, language, poetry, nationality, interest and culture, bindings t the uterus, a belief of a person as a high value, and an act of combining like the same way of creating a future. And security.

Visiting Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Prince crowned capital of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Chief Executive of the Armed Forces of the UAE, to Egypt, with his meeting with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to get the truth put this into action and promote it, a belief that is common to the benefit of both people and both countries.

This journey is at a rather dangerous level in the Arabian area, where overseas interests and strategies cover the fields of Arabic and it has a major impact on the future of the area and our country. During his meeting with President al-Sisi, Sheikh Mohammed proposed the efforts made to "strengthen coordination and consultation with Egypt," particularly at the moment. T challenges and threats to the security and sustainability of the Arab area, a Phobia, and the continuation of regional interventions in the Arab countries, as well as attempts to unravel political detection for some of the Arab arcades, desired developments. t enhance cooperation and coordination between countries »Arab.

This means that there is awareness and awareness of the risks and challenges facing the country, especially in the light of recent decisions made by the US administration on the city of Jerusalem and t to the top of Syria Golan of Hezekine. This is a big challenge that wants a common Arab position. Their Arab allegiance must be given to the crucial questions that affect the present and future of the Arab country, based on an awareness of the importance of risk to the threat t attack in an integrated position.

The relationship between the UAE and Egypt is closely related to the UAE's continued support for a sustainable and lasting Egypt, based on the place of Egypt and its political and historical significance, which was scattered in the century of the Bin Sheayh Bin Sultan. T The late Na Nahyan, And he is strengthened again under His Majesty Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. Relations between the two countries are extremely valuable, as the UAE is keen to support development that will contribute to the development, security and sustainability of Egypt. "And stand by the war on the Takfiri and radical groups, like a common battle against this body that is putting the sector and the world at risk. T

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