Egypt. The director Youssef responds significantly to the Mona Farouk and Shaima Haj credits


Egypt. The director Youssef responds significantly to the Mona Farouk and Shaima Haj credits


/ Mohammed Omar

Director and MP Khalid Youssef

Published by an Egyptian film maker and MP Khaled Youssef a commentary on which he described the abnormalities of the artists Mona Farouk and Shaima El Hajj, who appeared with him in pornographic video, announcing what was He mentions the media campaign.

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Director Khaled Youssef

In a blog post on the Facebook social network site, Youssef asked how the media dealt with the statements of the two artists that were confirmed in their official research; a lawsuit, who did not mention the character he described as the "legends", and said he filmed and threatened the girls.

He said that the costs would not be less than a jail, and said he did not find what was published by the media when he looked at the investigations.

"Those who brought in to the media were just respondents and not journalists in His Majesty's tiles."

The Egyptian parliament began to attack journalists, saying: "What do you think about your own journalists? You can not review your masters in This simple sentence and they sell themselves as gods that can not be discussed. Do not you realize that you spit on Egyptian art and make it a wildlife class? "

"You know what you are doing and do not know the value of Egyptian art or even the value of Egypt itself," he wrote.

On the other hand, Yusuf opposed the opposition to opposing constitutional changes and the lack of earthquake to power and in opposition to the rules in the past.

And spread on the social network sites, video clip & # 39; shows Egyptian actress, Mona Farouk, along with singer Shima El Hajj, the situation in a bad state and at risk in a private meeting.

The Egyptian security services arrested two Egyptian representatives on taxes to perform banner action.

The two artists in the investigation said that the room is owned by the Egyptian leader of the Khaled Youssef, and is based on the oil street in Lebanon Square with engineers.

Source: Facebook + Egyptian media

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