Egypt – World Health Concerns about new flu are affecting bats and sending it to people t


(MENAFN – Youm7) The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed world concerns about the ability of a new strain of influenza virus to be spread from animals such as bats or pigs to humans, as senior health professionals do. have warned that the new strain of flu can spread from animals to people. , But the question is that when that happens?

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the general virus is a continuing threat. It's part of the responsibility that new flu virus moves from animals to people. A new type of flu is preparing to move from animals to people, "he said. We found out again in February that experts were beginning to worry about the large flu bat.

“Because of the role that farm animals have in spreading influenza, the flu virus has the potential to affect people directly or directly. first, being affected by other animals, "said Mohamed Munir, a viral." People have been caught with influenza flu in the past, but this research suggests that it is possible.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that about one billion cases of flu each year, killing up to 650,000 people a year.

The latest pandemic disease occurred in 2009-10 with the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico, and the 1918 flu pandemic killed up to 100 million people and installed a third of the population. the world.

"Flu is infectious, and you can't do much to prevent moving around the world, tell Professor Robert Dingwall, an influenza expert for The Sun," he said. Reuters in an interview. "In 2009, but it didn't work because people were ready for about four days before the tokens came.

“There are very few things you can do, there are steps for personal hygiene, washing your hands, trying to put your hands on contaminated areas in public areas and then your mouth, but strangely, you tend to get the disease by sheriffing the street.

The last pandemic disease in 2010, when it was believed that at least one in five people had died, he died in 18,000 people in 214 countries. Because of influenza, where vaccines warned the bug was this year worse than the previous years.

Fears of flu When Dr Nick Scriffen warned that the current accent is causing death, only the younger ones under 65 years of age may be affected by the death rate. A vaccine is: “If you are a healthy young person, the body will have a greater influence on this species and can resist it, but it also affects younger adults, at a middle age.


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