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30% of Arab countries are funded by natural gas

Eng. Mohamed Abdullah Zain, Secretary General of the Arab Outbreak Union, has 30% of the world's natural gas resources at Arab countries, which allow Union members to meet the growing global market demand.

"The Arab representative country produces a total of 28% of the world's global phosphate rocket production and accounts for 71 per cent of the world trade market," said Zein in their ideas Al-Bawaba News on the boundaries of the second Arab Regional Conference: Efficiency of Gas Use, Oil and Related Making Industries.

There is a large proportion of global sulfur representation of Arab countries, especially in the United States and Gulf, of 17% and 30% of the world trade market, accounting for 4% of world pottery production and commerce. Potash is used to provide potassium as a key part of plant nutrition and is essential for healthy and economic crops.

He said that Arab countries aim to represent 2020 of 22 million tonnes of ammonia representing a 11% representation and export 25% worldwide, 25 million tonnes of urea to represent a 14% represented, & # 39; generating 41% globally, 2.1 million tonnes of ammonia nitrate to record 10% in total production, 65 (DAP / MAP). It is a 37% representation and is a worldwide export of 70%, 12 million tonnes of phosphorus weight which represents 17% of products and 81% of global export.

He indicated that sales of cigarettes registered 79% of all sales and about 189 million tonnes of nutrition. Increase of fertilizer demand increased during 2017/2018 at a total of 2.4% for the year 2016/2017, which imposes about 2 million tonnes of nutrition including ammonia , phosphoric acid and potash.

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