5 modes to protect the bank account from the back. He realized

An online banking service, or an "internet bank", is the best way used to deal with banking and goods services. It provides access to accounts, bank transfer, and the purchase and sale of goods and banking services. This is a modern option that's a; giving time and effort. Go to the bank's branch … and deliver 5 "seventh day" modes to protect the bank account from the back.

– Configure the confidential number of Internet banking services regularly, and every month and a half.

– Examine bank accounts regularly.

– Find out that virus is applied and updated periodically, because it is being done. Monitor abusive programs and inaccurate internet issues, including banking issues.

– Contact your Bank Call Center to stop the service when suspicious things are & # 39; happening.

– Introduce electronic electronic security measures, do not use the same password for multiple counts or bank cards so that your accounts are not in danger of being hidden, and a & # 39; using secure and easy-to-read secure passwords, shared with others, change your password now and then, Private dexterity in safe places.

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